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Anne Heath

Anne Heath

Assistant Professor of
Art History

Office Hours: By appointment


Area of Specialization:
Medieval Architecture and Liturgy



Teaching Responsibilites

  • Introduction to Art History
  • Medieval Art and Architecture
  • Renaissance Art and Architecture
  • Baroque Art and Architecture
  • Upper-level Art History Seminars
  • Capstone Seminar in Art History
  • Mellon Scholars Sophomore Research Seminar I



Professor Heath received her B.A. with honors in Art History and German from the University of Maine. She spent her junior year as a full-time student at the Universität Salzburg, Austria. Professor Heath received her Master’s Degree from Florida State University and her Ph.D. from Brown University. During her graduate studies, Professor Heath worked on archaeological excavations in Italy and France. Her area of specialization is Gothic architecture and its role in creating spaces for worship, political power, and social identity to play out among participants and audiences. Her most recent publication (2010) focuses on the Palm Sunday liturgy in the medieval city of Auxerre, France. She is currently working on an article about the politics between the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne and the Benedictine Monastery of Saint-Germain in Auxerre.

Professor Heath has been at Hope College since 2007. She teaches the Introduction to Art History and courses in the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Upper-level seminars include topics such as Art Theory before the Modern Age, Medieval Narrative, and the History of the Book. She also teaches seminars in which students curate exhibitions for the De Pree Gallery, such as The Printed Image (Fall, 2008) and the Sense of the Book (Fall, 2011). All of her classes stress first-hand experience with works of art, through fieldtrips, object-specific projects, and hands-on training. Recently, Professor Heath has also been part of the Mellon Scholars Program in the Arts and Humanities, teaching IDS 180, the Sophomore Research Seminar (Fall 2010 and 2011).


Publications http://www.cmrs.ucla.edu/publications/viator.html


The art history curriculum, often in partnership with the Mellon Scholars program, offers several opportunities for students to create professional-quality projects. In ART 361 Special Projects in Art History, students participate in a fall seminar curating a thematic exhibition for the De Pree Gallery. Seminar participants learn the historical content of works in the show (e.g. the history of the book, print culture), collaboratively write an exhibition catalog, wall text, and labels. They also design the layout of the exhibition and publicity materials. Students also prepare a curators' talk and/or symposium for the exhibition opening, which takes place in the Spring semester. Nationally and locally known professionals give guest lectures and workshops.

Reading Between the Lines

The Printed Image

Please click here for student website on book history: http://www.understandingthebook.com/

Please click here for News from Hope article about the "Reading between the Lines" seminar and exhibition. (Scroll to page 12): http://hope.edu/pr/nfhc/archive/pdf/nfhc0612.pdf