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Hope College Chemistry Department
Seminar Schedule, Spring Semester 2014

January 10 4 pm
Schaap 1000

Dr. Amanda Eckerman, Hope College
Biodistribution of Theranostic Nanoparticles

January 17


4 pm
Schaap 1000


Dr. Michael Werner, Haworth Corp.
Green Chemistry & Sustainable Product Design

January 24 4 pm
Schaap 1000

Chem Club Student Invited Speaker
Dr. Sylvia Ceyer
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fundamental Principles of Reaction Dynamics at the Surfaces of Covalent Solids

January 30 7:30 pm
VDWF 102

Neckers Public Talk
Dr. Karolin Luger, Colorado State University
Some Assembly Required: Making and Breaking of Nucleosomes

January 31

4 pm
VDWF 102


  Neckers Lecture
Dr. Karolin Luger, Colorado State University
Histone Chaperones in Transcription and DNA Repair: the Usual and Unusual Suspects

February 14

4 pm
Schaap 1000


Dr. Timothy Zwier, Purdue University
Exploring the Conformational Preferences of Gas phase Peptides, Synthetic Foldamers, and Dilignols

February 21 4 pm
Schaap 1000

Dr. Ellen Yezierski, Miami University of Ohio
Scientific Reasoning in Chemistry: How can Instruction Promote Measurable Growth?

February 28 4 pm
Schaap 1000

Dr. Megan Grunert, Western Michigan University

March 7
4 pm
Schaap 1000

Dr. Paul Zimmerman, University of Michigan
Approaches to DiscoNew Computationalver Chemical Reactivity

March 28

4 pm
Schaap 1000

  Dr. Bassam Shakhashiri, University of Wisc. -Madison
Enlightenment and the Responsibilities of the Enlightened
April 4

4 pm
Schaap 1000


Dr. Paul Bohn, Notre Dame
Chemical Analysis in Zero- and One-Dimensional Nanostructures

April 11 2:30 - 5 pm
Devos Fieldhouse
  Celebration of Undergraduate Research & Creative Performance