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Hope College Chemistry Department
Seminar Schedule, Fall Semester 2014

August 29 4 pm
Schaap 1000

Chem Club Student Invited Speaker
Dr. Richmond Sarpong
, California - Berkeley
Strategies and Tactics for Chemical Synthesis Inspired by Complex Alkaloids

September 5

4 pm
Schaap 1000


Dr. Olaf Wiest, Notre Dame University
Epigenetic Modulators in Cancer and Metabolic Diseases

September 12 4 pm
Schaap 1000

Dr. Ned A. Porter, Vanderbilt University
Reactions of Sterols and Molecular Oxygen: Human Syndromes and Chemical Mechanisms

September 19 4 pm
Schaap 1000

Dr. Thomas D. Penning, Abbvie Pharmaceutical
Veliparib (ABT-888): A PARP Inhibitor for the Treatment of Cancer

September 26

4 pm
Schaap 1000

  Dr. Trisha Andrew, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Organic Chromophores for Optoelectronic Devices

October 10

4 pm
Schaap 1000


Dr. Devens Gust, Arizona State University
Artificial Photosynthesis

October 17

4 pm
Winants Aud


Dr. W. Jack Kruper, Dow Chemical Company
Next Generation, Sustainable Refrigerants for the Automotive Industry

October 24 4 pm
Schaap 1000

Dr. Rebecca Lai, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Advancements in Electrochemical Biosensing Technologies

October 31
4 pm
Schaap 1000

Dr. Andrew Feig, Wayne State University
Clostridial Toxins: Disease Challenges and Biotechnology Opportunities

November 7

4 pm
Schaap 1000


Dr. Rory Waterman, University of Vermont
Advances in alpha-Elimination: Catalytic Organoelement Synthesis


November 14

4 pm
Schaap 1000


Dr. Jillian Dempsey, UNC Chapel Hill
Investigating Reaction Pathways for Solar Fuel Production

Novemeber 21

Schaap 1000

  Dr. Todd Krauss, University of Rochester
Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Robust and Efficient Solar Hydrogen Production