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English Department Faculty

Ernest Cole
Associate Professor

Education: B.A. (Hon), Fourah Bay College, U.S.L. (1990); M.A., Fourah Bay College, U.S.L. (1994); Ph.D., University of Connecticut (2008).

Expertise: Post-Colonial Literature with emphasis on Sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean, and India; Victorian literature (Travel and Empire).

Selected Works: Books: Theorizing the Disfigured Body: Mutilation, Amputation, and Disability Culture in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone (Africa World Press, 2014); Emerging Perspective on Syl Cheney-Coker (Co-Editor) - (AWP, 2014). Book Chapters: Violence, the Text, and the Child Soldier: A Pedagogy of Transcendence in Eco-Imagination in African and Diasporan Literatures and Sustainability (AWP, 2014); Cultural Ambivalence and Hybridity: Negotiating the Victorian and the Indigenous in Kossoh Town Boy in At the Crossroads: Readings of the Postcolonial and the Global in African Literatures and Visual Art (AWP, 2014); “Images and Motifs: The Problematic of Interpretation in Lemuel Johnson’s Highlife for Caliban” in A Critical Introducation to Sierra Leonean Literature (AWP, 2008); “Nadine Gordimer and Post-Apartheid Interregnum: An Analysis of July’s People” (2008); “The Paradox of Self-Definition and Identity in Nella Larsen’s Quicksand” (2008); “What’s in a Face?: The Dynamics of Facts and Possibiliites in Darktown Strutters” (2006); “The Interplay between Literature and Culture: An Analysis of Camar Laye’s The African Child and Mariama Ba’s So Long a Letter” (2005); “From Opacity to Transparency: The Poetry of Syl Cheney-Coker: Concerto for an Exile and The Graveyard Also Has Teeth” (2003).

Distinctions: Lily Fellows Summer Seminar (Aquinas College, 2012), Towsley Scholar Award (Hope College, 2011), Pre-doctoral Fellowship (UConn, 2008), Graduate Dissertation Fellowship (UConn, 2007), Summer Teaching Fellowship (UConn, 2006), Teaching Excellence Award (UConn Upward Bound, 2005).

Contact: Lubbers Hall 336