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CRE deadlineOverview of Program

The Course-based Research Experience (CRE) course development program is designed to support the development of courses that contain a significant research/research-like experience as a part of the course.  Eligible departments include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Geological and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics, and Psychology.  The experiences may be a component of an existing course (e.g. a module or research project as a part of an FYS or disciplinary course) OR may be the complete focus of the course (e.g. Bio295 Honors Lab: Phage Genomics Research, or GES401 Advanced Environmental Seminar).

The CRE faculty development program will include:
  • a professional learning community which will meet regularly (~monthly lunches) throughout the academic year to discuss issues associated with CRE development and implementation,
  • a summer CRE faculty development program consisting of a required one 4-hour workshop for ALL faculty developing new course-based research experiences for their courses.  For the whole course development grants, an additional 2-day workshop will be held off campus.
  • course development grants are available to faculty developing new CREs for their courses.

If you are interested in this idea, but want some ideas of what types of programs others have offered, come to HHMI lunches to talk to your colleagues here at Hope or check out some examples of previously funded projects at Hope OR at other institutions.

Funding Details

We anticipate awarding at least two awards for complete course development projects, each with a maximum award of $10,000. We anticipate awarding at least two awards for research module development, each with a maximum budget of $2,500.  In addition, awardees will be provided modest stipends for participating in the summer workshops. Completed applications must be submitted electronically to hhmi@hope.edu by February 16, 2015.  Review of applications and announcement of awards will be completed in early March.  

Check out the program guidelines and application requirements webpage for more details.

Current Recipients

2014 Awards

Drs. Kathryn Winnett-Murray and Maria Burnatowska-Hdlen, Departments of Biology and Chemistry. Abstract: Antibiotic Properties of Spices and the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance; Proposal

Dr. Aaron Best, Department of Biology. Abstract: General Microbiology Lab; Proposal

Drs. Katharine Polasek and Susan Brown, Department of Engineering, Intro to Engineering, Supplementary to 2013 grant

Drs. Brian Yurk and Paul Pearson, Department of Mathematics, First Year Seminar/Statistics, Supplementary to 2013 grant


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