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Arabic at Hope College

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elcome to the Arabic Section at Hope College! Please browse our links to find out more about our program.

November 15 - 20 is
International Education Week!
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Why Study Arabic?

There are 22 Arabic speaking countries in the Arab world and over two billion Muslims who use Arabic in their daily rituals. Arabic is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations . Nowadays, and more than any time, a bridge is needed between the Western cultures and the Eastern Arab-Islamic cultures.

Career Opportunities in the Arabic language

1. Interpretation:
This of course is one of the biggest opportunities for an Arabic speaker. Interpreters are in great demand - especially for corporations that do business in Arabic-speaking countries.

2. Travel and Hospitality:
All sorts of opportunities exist for Arabic speakers in the domestic travel industry. You can easily find work in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, airports, and many other businesses that are seeing an increase in Arabic customers.

3. Finance: The financial industry has a great need for people who speak Arabic, as some of the countries that speak Arabic as their native tongue are among the richest countries in the world. This ensures that the need for people who can speak Arabic effectively will continue to grow.

4. Government: Many governments today utilize Arabic speakers and translators when conducting negotiations and policy discussions with other countries. Once again, you must be able to speak the language fluently without any mistakes in your translations.


Student Comments About the Program:

  • "I like the informal nature of the [Arabic] course.  By making the students relaxed, the professor was better to teach us Arabic language.  I liked the vocabulary quizzes, drills and in-class dialogue activities."
    ~ Dustin Miller '09

  • For a relatively small school, I was excited and impressed to learn that Hope offered Arabic. Taking Arabic classes provided me a great foundation to further my study while abroad in Amman, Jordan. I am truly grateful for the challenging and engaging instruction I received
    ~ Christopher Jetter '08

  • My favorite memory about Morocco was food.  Food is one way to experience a culture.  In Morocco, food is often at the center of the family.  Meals are eaten together around one plate, using bread or khobz as a utensil.
    ~ August Miller '07

  • My favorite course this year was Arabic class.  I tremendously enjoyed learning Arabic and the culture of the Middle East this was my best semester. 
    ~ Charles J. Knooihuizen '07

We would be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding the Arabic courses offered at Hope College. Simply stop by Martha Miller Center, 2nd floor, Room 205!


-Habeeb Awad, Arabic Section, DMCL, Hope College