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CFL Coaching for LDRS Minors

Summary: CFL's Coaching program includes being mentored and mentoring others, assessing one's emotional intelligence competencies, and developing a plan. It is integrated into the internship (LDRS 399) and capstone (LDRS 401) requirements of the Organizational Leadership Practice minor.

The purpose of CFL Coaching is to help students think deeply about the questions: "Who am I" and "What Will I Do?"

Upon declaring the leadership minor, students are required to meet with our CFL coach, Mark de Roo.

  1. To review the academic and co-curricular requirements of the leadership minor.
  2. Choose a mentor. Guidelines
  3. Choose someone to mentor. This could be accomplished via CASA, Upward Bound, The Rock (Holland Rescue Mission), Boys and Girls Club, as a youth group leader, a coach, a Bible study leader, or other approved mentoring-oriented relationship involving a time investment of at least 40 hours. Guidelines
  4. Engage in emotional and social intelligence assessment and to construct a plan. Students will be assessed upon declaring the LDRS minor and again before completing LDRS 401.
  5. Job shadow.
  6. Create a portfolio of leadership-related experiences. The portfolio and all curricular and co-curricular activities are audited as part of LDRS 401, and all activities must be completed before students can graduate from the leadership minor program.

Before or during students leadership minor experience, students are encouraged to connect with leadership program alumni through the CFL director.

"The mentoring program was extremely helpful for me this semester. I have a much clearer direction of what career path I want to pursue and feel peace about my calling. At my last meeting with my mentor we discussed the huge leap I've made this semester. It's amazing. Thanks for a great program. I think every Hope student should have to go through a mentoring program. It's so helpful!" -- Kristen Marsh

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