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CFL 18th Green

The 18th Green is a complimentary 90-minute exploratory session (including lunch) to help you, an entrepreneurial leader, think about challenges and opportunities related to your vision.

The session, or "round," is "played" with a cross-functional group of experts from the Center for Faithful Leadership and the surrounding Holland community.  

While the first "round" of the 18th Green will certainly involve brainstorming, it will also include an examination of critical organizational and process issues related to the topic at hand.  

The outcome of the first "round" will include a series of next steps including milestones and strategies and ways of testing the validity of ideas.

The 18th Green session takes place once per month at the Center for Faithful Leadership at Hope College, 100 E 8th St, Suite 230.

The agenda is as follows*:

  • Introductions
  • Ice breaker
  • Rules (Stick to one conversation at a time, don't interrupt, stay focused, defer judgment, build on the ideas of others) 
  • Review of the Five Questions (see below)
  • Q & A
  • Next Steps

Entrepreneurial leaders who wish to participate are asked to apply by answering the following questions**:

  1. In 15 words or less, what is the mission of your organization (e.g., something that would fit on a scorecard)?  What are your unique qualifications? 
  2. Who is your primary customer (the person whose life is changed because of your work)?  Who are your secondary customers (volunteers, members, partners, funders, referral sources, employees, and others who must be satisfied)?  How has the customer's voice influenced your idea/plan? 
  3. What does the customer value?
  4. What will be the results (short-term, medium-term, long-term) results of your program?
  5. What is your plan? Is your program sustainable? What are the next steps?

To apply, please send answers to the above questions to