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Honors Program

The Department of Philosophy proposes to introduce an Honors Program in Philosophy. The Honors Program in Philosophy challenges majors to go beyond the minimum requirements of the major in order to acquire deeper and broader philosophical training. The Honors Program is designed to be of special interest to students considering graduates studies in philosophy.


Despite the fact that our major requires a relatively small number of credits in comparison to other majors at Hope, in recent years we have had a number of students go on to graduate study in philosophy at some of the very best programs in the nation. We think an Honors Program in Philosophy will provide our very best students, especially those who are graduate school bound, a way of demonstrating that they have excelled in a rigorous and thorough education in philosophy.

Requirement for entry into the honors program: GPA 3.5 or Departmental Consent.

Graduating with honors in philosophy would require:

1. Completion of 32 credits in the major.

2. Attendance at a majority of the meetings of Inquiring Minds and all the Departmental Colloquia (excused absences excepted).

3. Completion of two programs of independent reading, involving significant philosophical texts and commentary thereon. At least one of these must be completed before the final semester. Both must be completed by the time of graduation. Students would submit a journal kept during the course of their reading; the journal should demonstrate understanding of the texts read and significant philosophical reflection on them. The programs are typically to be done independently of course work (including independent studies).

4. Honors students are allowed to substitute an honors thesis for the programs described in (3) on a topic and length determined in consultation with one or more members of the Department, approved by the Department as a whole, and under the supervision of at least one member of the department. Students may enroll for one independent study in connection with the writing of the honors thesis.

Application (click here) may be made with the department chairperson.