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Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program at Hope College

The Fraley's birding at Pt. Peele, Canada.

Hi!! I am Dr. Greg Fraley, the Hope College Pre-Veterinary advisor. Together with my wife, Susan Fraley, D.V.M., we work with students who dream to become veterinarians. So if you wish to become a veterinarian, this website is for you! Please use the links below to find basic information on what you must do, what you should do, and what you should seriosuly consider doing while at Hope College. Please make sure to contact me ( often with questions or just to sit down and strategize how you can become a veterinarian!!

Also, type Hope PreVeterinary Medicine into your Facebook wall's search window and request to join our group. This Group connects Hope alumni who are in veterinary school with Hope pre-veterinary students and with prospective Hope students interested in veterinary medicine.