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We invite faculty and staff to contact us to arrange study skills workshops or presentations for specific groups or classes.

We also encourage Faculty to become involved in the ASC’s mission by referring students to our services and providing tutor recommendations. We rely on Faculty for the continued success of our center!

Here are some suggestions of how Faculty can assist:

On the first day of class, please announce the availability of tutoring services and academic support at the ASC. Please stress that tutoring can often make a significant difference in students’ grades especially when it is sought early in the semester.

As the semester progresses, please note students you believe would make good tutors and send their names to Janet Pinkham at Pinkham@Hope.edu.

The ASC is pleased to partner with Faculty to establish study groups/help sessions for particularly challenging courses. Please contact Janet Pinkham if you are interested in this service.

The ASC also administers tests for students with disabilities whose disability documentation verifies the appropriateness of such accommodation. Please see either the "DISABILITY SERVICES" or "PROGRAMS AND SERVICES" tab for additional information.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to help students achieve academic success!