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Blue Dental Choice Insurance

Interested in the options this plan provides? (Don't forget to click on underlined items to view more specific information).
  1. In review of this benefit, consider and review the plan descriptions and Employee Dental Premiums for Blue Dental Choice Plan 2 and Plan 3. Both plans provide 100%* Class I (preventative services) and after deductible of $50/$100, 75%* coverage for Class II services and 50%* coverage (up to annual plan maximum) for Class III services (Class III Services have a 12 Month Wait Period). The difference in plan coverage is the addition in Plan 3 which offers Class IV coverage (an optional 50%* orthodontic coverage up to plan maximum of $1000 lifetime) for dependents 19 and younger.

*indicates coverage levels are solely based on Blue Dental Choice Approved Amounts and may differ in out-of-pocket expense for participant in not using network providers

  1. Like the PPO Health Benefit, the level of coverage is best when using “in network” dentists. Blue Dental Choice has three different participation levels:
    1. Blue Par Select dentists are registered with Blue Dental and for most services, will bill and accept payment from Blue Dental Choice, however, they may balance bill the participant for some of the services. If the dentist is part of this network, it is strongly suggested the participant discuss and arrange payment acceptance and/or difference of payment with the dentist prior to services rendered to forego a balance bill surprise.
    2. PPO Network Dentist dentists have agreed to bill and accept approved service amounts from Blue Dental Choice and will not balance bill the participant.
    3. Dentists not listed in either network above are considered “out-of-network” and the participant is responsible to pay for services at point of service, submit their own claims to Blue Dental Choice, and then be reimbursed directly back as Blue Dental Choice.
  2. NOTE: If your current dentist does not participate you may request a rep from Blue Dental Choice offers your dentist the option to participate OR you may wish to consider changing dental providers if you wish to enroll in this program.

  1. If you have decided to enroll in Blue Dental Choice for coverage effective 7-1-2014, please complete the application and return to HR. If you plan to participate in the Flexible Spending Account for the 2014-15 year, remember to make adjustments in your estimated dental expenses.

Currently enrolled in Blue Dental but want to cancel coverage effective July 1, 2014?

Complete the Blue Dental Cancellation Form indicating "delete" by each participant you wish to cancel and return to HR.


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