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Classroom Building Codes Link to Campus Map
(formerly 100E8th)
Anderson-Werkman Financial Center
CHAPEL Dimnent Memorial Chapel
DEVOS DeVos Fieldhouse
DOWCTR Dow Center
DPRART Depree Art Center
DURFEE Durfee Hall
DWTCUL DeWitt Center
DWTTEN DeWitt Tennis Center
GRAVES Graves Hall
KOWEST Kollen Hall West
LUBBRS Lubbers Hall
MILLER Martha Miller Center for Global Communication
NYKERK Nykerk Hall of Music
OFFCAM Off Campus Site
PHELPS Phelps Hall
SCICTR A. Paul Schaap Science Center
WICHRS Wichers Hall
VOORHE Voorhees Hall
VANDWRF Vander Werf Hall
VNWYLN Van Wylen Library
VNZORN Van Zoeren Hall