2009 Summer Seminars

General Information:

Classes meet for one week, July 27-31, from 9 am to 12:15 pm, Van Zoeren Hall, located on 10th Street between Central and College Avenue.  Registrations accepted until the first day of class, but classes with low enrollment may be canceled two weeks prior to that first day of class.  Register early to avoid disappointment.


Check-in, Room Assignment:  Monday, July 27, between 8:30 and 9am, come to the second floor of Van Zoeren Hall. 


Registration Information:

Hope students should register on-line.  Summer seminars are listed in the July schedule.


Non-Hope students must first complete the single-term Admission application for July 2009 term.


Print, fill out, and send that Admissions form to:

Hope College Admissions Office

69 East 10th Street

PO Box 9000

Holland MI 49422-9000


After the Admission form is processed, we will send you information to register on-line.  If you prefer to register in person, come to the Registrarís office, located on the first floor of the DeWitt Center at 12th and Columbia, and fill out a registration slip.


The course information you need is located here:   the 5-digit reference number (starts with a 7), the department, course number and section.  Example:  70041, Pol 295-01.  Please indicate if you want the course for 1 undergraduate credit or 2 undergraduate credits.  Graduate credit is indicated by registering with the 795 course number.  Audit cannot be indicated if you register on-line, so please e-mail us to change the one credit to audit.  registrar@hope.edu  Be sure to tell us your full name and which course.





One credit, undergraduate or graduate


Two undergraduate credits


Payment is due the first day of class.  Make check payable to Hope College.


Textbooks:     by mid-June textbooks will be available in the Hope-Geneva Bookstore, located on the lower level of the DeWitt Center, 12th and Columbia.


Changes after registration:   If a course is canceled, we will return your payment.  Any changes you make, including dropping, changing credit to audit, etc. must be done the first day of class.  No shows without notification by the first day are charged for the course.


Questions?     Contact us at (616) 395-7760 or registrar@hope.edu