Geological and Environmental Sciences

As a geology major, you’ll have a multitude of opportunities to pursue collaborative research projects with faculty members. Recent projects have addressed such topics as the origin and history of sand dunes along Lake Michigan, the movement of antibiotics in groundwater, and the ancient environments at a dinosaur site.
  • You can participate in off-campus study opportunities at the Grand Canyon, the Bahamas, Death Valley and other destinations.
  • On-campus seminars feature geologists from other colleges and universities as well as those from government and industry.
  • The department provides exceptional facilities, including a GIS lab, environmental preparation lab and a rock preparation laboratory. Equipment includes petrographic microscopes, an x-ray diffractometer, an ion chromatograph, a UV-vis spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, and ICP spectrometer.
  • All faculty members hold Ph.D.s and are active research scholars.
Hope College Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences

35 East 12th Street

Holland, MI 49423