Costs and International Scholarships

Costs for 2014-15:

Hope College Fees 2014-15* Academic Year
Tuition — 12 to 16 credits $29,390
Room $4,170
Board (21 meals per week) $4,920
Activity Fee $170
Total $38,650
Personal Expenses (insurance, travel, books, etc) $2,400 (estimate)

*Please note that tuition, room and board fees may continue to increase on an average of 4% each academic year.

Does Hope College offer financial assistance or need-based scholarships for international students?

NOTE: The completed application deadline to be considered for the following aid is January 31.

Hope does offer academic scholarships to applicants who complete their application by the end of January. Selection is competitive and is based on strength of academic record, SAT scores, TOEFL, recommendations and extra-curricular involvement. Scholarships range from $3,000 to $13,000 per year. 

In addition, Hope identifies selected freshman applicants from developing and third world countries to be considered for one full tuition and full ride (tuition, room, board, and activity fee) scholarship each year. Please note, these scholarships are need-based scholarships. Students must demonstrate significant financial need to receive one of these awards.   

Full Ride scholarships are available to students from countries with low-Income economies and lower-middle-income economies.

Full Tuition scholarships are available to students from countries with low-Income economies, lower-middle income economies and upper-middle-income economies (with the exception of China). These categories are from the World Bank website.

Students do not need to complete an additional application to be considered for a full tuition or full ride award. Students are notified with the letter of acceptance if they will be considered for one of these awards. If so, the next steps are explained with the letter of acceptance.

Should I pursue outside scholarships and if I receive them, do I need to notify Hope College?
You may pursue scholarships outside of Hope. Hope College should be notified of any scholarships that are received from outside sources.
Are international students allowed to work off campus to earn money?
International students are not allowed to work off campus to earn money but they receive top priority for on campus jobs.Can I find employment on campus?
There are many and various on-campus jobs at Hope College. Even though international students are only allowed to work on campus, most of them find year-round employment on the campus to help pay for their personal expenses.What are the other sources of funding?
The following is a list of useful resources for International Students seeking Financial Aid.Helpful Websites


  • Funding for US Study by The Institute of International Education
  • The International Students' Scholarship Handbook by Turning Point

Loan Offices

Citiassist program
Contact person - Todd Woodlee
1.800.745.5473 or 1.800.846.1290

American Express

International Education Finance Corp.
424 Adams Street
Milton, MA 02186
FAX 1.617.698.3001

First Union National Bank
Contact person - Faye Becker

Educaid EXTRA International Student Loan Program

Educational Finance Group
Contact person - Mike Galvin