International Student Services

Martha Miller Center for Global CommunicationsThe Martha Miller Center for Global Communications is a gathering place for many international students. Whether to check their mail or read one of the many international periodicals in the center's lounge library, students find the center an inviting and comfortable place to congregate. The Director of International Education and the Advisor for International Students both have offices located in this center. At the beginning of the school year the staff helps coordinate student travel and arrival on campus. Each fall, the Center sponsors a special two-day orientation for new international students International Student Advisor

Hope College's International Student Advisor provides guidance and assistance with things relating to transitioning to American culture and procedures. This is the person who processes I-20's, gives advice on travel while enrolled, helps set up a bank account, and all things related to moving in and getting settled. The International Student advisor is also available to talk through any struggles students may be having as they transition to a new culture. This person is in addition to the academic advisor who assists with selecting classes and meeting requirements for your major program.
Academic AdvisingAt Hope College each student is assigned a faculty advisor who will assist in selecting an appropriate class schedule, while discussing academic progress and future career direction. Faculty advisors are readily available to answer questions, whether about school matters or other concerns.
Academic Support Center Students attending Hope College come from greatly varying educational backgrounds and have different levels of knowledge and ability. The Academic Support Center provides assistance to all students on campus.

Some of the services provided are:

  • Individual Content and Writing Tutoring
  • Small Group Help Sessions
  • Mathematics Lab, open five nights a week
  • Testing accommodations, such as extended time and quiet setting
  • Academic Advising and Counseling

Each term hundreds of students, especially first year and international students, request many or all of our services. Also, students for whom English is a second language frequent our office weekly for assistance with writing papers. We welcome everyone and especially enjoy getting to know students who visit often.

Help With English A special set of English as Second Language (ESL) courses is available for students who need further improvement in English language proficiency. Emphasis is placed on improvement in speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing at the advanced level. In addition to classroom work and lab sessions, tutor support is arranged, as individual needs dictate. Credits earned count toward a student's degree.