Andrew Meyers • 800.968.7850
direct: 616.395.7852

HometownChurchville, New York
EducationB.Mus., Hope College '05
Area of StudyVocal Music Education
HobbiesGolf, gadgets, and guitar! More specifically, the PGA tour, my iPhone, and my Martin DC-1E.
Fun or Interesting FactHope was the only college I applied to -- I'm really thankful I got in!
Favorite College MemoryThere are many, but one that quickly comes to mind was a prank played on me and my roommate by our next door neighbors in the residence hall. They saved up copies of the Anchor (our campus newspaper) for an ENTIRE SEMESTER. One Friday night I came back from a concert to find our room completely filled with crumpled up Anchors!
Why I love HopeI love Hope now for the same reason I did the first time I set foot on the campus: people just seem to care about you here!
Favorite Artist and AlbumDave Matthews Band/Under the Table and Dreaming
Favorite TV Show and MovieThe Office/Anything with Tom Hanks
Best thing about Holland, MichiganJust one? Probably would have to be our seasons. Sure, we get our fair share of snow in the winter, but you can't beat that at Christmastime. Plus, if you can survive that (and you can), you've got the best beach with the best summer you could ever hope for!