Greg Kern • 800.968.7850

HometownRochester Hills, Michigan
EducationB.A., Hope College '98
Area of StudyPsychology
Other interests: Philosophy, German, & Spanish
HobbiesHope sports, traveling, reading, golf, running, and soccer
Fun or Interesting FactI lived in Honduras for a year. You don't have to know the language before you move out-of-country ... but it sure would help!
Favorite College MemoryI have many great memories from college ... too many to pick just one. I was in choir, was active in a fraternity, did research, was a devoted fan of Hope sports (and I still am), had some great professors (that I still see around campus!), and some of my best friends today are roommates I had at Hope.Why I love HopeHope provides an outstanding compliment of experiences academically, socially, and spiritually. I came to Hope as a transfer student, and I can definitively say that even if all colleges look the same in their viewbooks or on their websites ... they are not all the same.

I enjoyed the way Hope challenged me to think -- creatively, deeply, and critically -- and pushed me academically. I knew that my professors wanted me to learn and grow, not because they thought that some particular piece of information was the key to my future, but because they demonstrated genuine concern for my long-term interests.

My classmates and the people I lived with were serious about their studies, genuine and open in their faith, and they also knew when and how to have fun. Socially, this was a great place. I had friends from lots of different organizations and programs around campus. Everywhere I went I felt connected to people around me, yet there were always new people to meet.

Chapel was a significant part of my Hope experience. I am continually amazed at the ability of the people in the Campus Ministries Office to put together relevant and engaging programs in worships, study, and service. For many people 18-22 years old, their college years are a time of spiritual stumbling; because I transferred to Hope, my college years were a springboard for a maturing Christian faith commitment.

On the one hand, I love Hope because it provides a college experience that helped me to grow in each of these areas. Because of the opportunities Hope provides, the College draws an exceptional set of people who choose to be a part of the Hope Community -- faculty, staff, students, and alumni -- they tend to be people who value this multifaceted college experience. So do I love Hope more for the experience I have had here or for the people who make up this community and who have walked with me through those experiences? Tough to say. Lucky for me, I don't have to pick one or the other!
Favorite Artist and AlbumArtist? VanGogh. Oh, are we talking about music? I have pretty eclectic tastes, but most of my favorites have some connection to jazz, Chet Baker, Harry Connick, Norah Jones, Frank Sinatra, and Michael Buble to name a few.
Favorite TV Show or MovieRarely watch TV other than live sports. If I'm watching TV, it's probably the Office or Law & Order.
Best thing about Holland, MichiganHope College, downtown, the beach, good restaurants, great people ...