Luis Silva • 800.968.7850

HometownOriginally from Santa Rita, Jalisco, Mexico. Now: Holland, Michigan!
EducationB.A., Hope College '10
Areas of StudyManagement and Economics
HobbiesI enjoy long walks on the beach and watching the sunset...just kidding! I love spending time with the family, listening to music and playing soccer!
Fun or Interesting FactI have 26 aunts and uncles!
Favorite College MemoryThere are too many to list! I would have to say meeting and getting close to people from all over the world. Those late nights of studying and pizza with my roommates, and all of the awesome activities and friends from the Phelps Scholars Program!
Why I love HopeI love Hope because it gave me the opportunity to grow as a person both in academics and in awareness of the world and its people around me. I was exposed to subjects and experiences that I would have never seen anywhere else! I love the countless amounts of opportunities there are, and Hope's willingness to help me find them all!

The faculty and staff are quick to start relationships and genuinely cared about my success in the classroom and outside of it. Hope challenged me to think outside the box and open myself to different things. Hope helped shape me to be the person that I am today.
Favorite Artist or AlbumI am a big fan of Shakira, Vicente Fernandez, The Fray, and a lot of other songs that I don't even know the names of! (I listen to the radio a lot...names don't come up)
Favorite TV Shows or MoviesI like King of Queens, Arrested Development, anything with Will Ferrell, and (don't laugh) Walker, Texas Ranger!
Best thing about Holland, MichiganThe seasons, downtown, the beach, and everyone is friendly!