Skyler Adams

Hometown Holland, MI

Education B.A., Hope College '13

Areas of Study English and Psychology

Hobbies Music! I play drums, piano, and sing. I also love theatre (I acted throughout my time at Hope). Last but not least, basketball - both playing and watching.

Fun or Interesting Fact I played the drums in church for the first time when I was 9 years old.

Favorite College Memory I went with the Education department to Liverpool, England the summer after my sophomore year. We traveled all over and I actually got to work in John Lennon's old school. I also saw Les Miserables in London and got to hang out with some of the actors the next night!

Why I love Hope Hope was a place where I felt like I had a family in a lot of different areas. I had a lot of varied interests and I was able to explore all of them at Hope, as well as pursue very close relationships within each area. I left truthfully saying that I had students, professors, administrators, custodians, maintenance workers, and many more diverse people as friends. That's pretty cool!

Favorite Artist and Album Michael Bublé/Crazy Love.

Favorite TV Shows I am obsessed with the King of Queens. I own every season. I also love watching the NBA.

Best thing about Holland, Michigan The beach. There is nothing better than Lake Michigan!