Student Life

Hope’s unique collegiate traditions include The Pull—hailed by Sports Illustrated as an “epic struggle”—and Nykerk, a night of performances.

While freshmen challenge sophomores in these events, older students always volunteer as coaches for both teams. This kind of unity and support, in the midst of historic rivalry, characterize the Hope community. 

Deeper—and active!
Hope students tell us that relationships “go deeper” here. Late-night conversations that range from Socrates to Scripture fuel that intensity; so does an unquenchable school spirit. Last year 2,700 students engaged in sports—amazing, even allowing for involvement in more than one.

“I wanted to play club hockey, and at Hope I noticed the sense of community was very strong. People talked to me without knowing who I was. That plus the Christian atmosphere made me feel at home.”  
Andrew Haggerty ’12


From NCAA Championship teams to 80-plus student organizations, you’ll find daily life here diverse, vibrant and genuine. It stimulates you to discover, as theologian Frederick Buechner says, where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

More about others
You haven’t seen enthusiasm until you see Hope students put their concern for others into action. Dance Marathon, just one event, last year raised $90,000 in 24 hours for DeVos Children’s Hospital—and connected our dancers with families who appreciate Hope students’ generosity.

Because this kind of involvement also develops deep bonds among our students, we kick off the school year with a half-day of service—an easy way for freshmen to get to know each other and the surrounding community. Whether they come from New York, Indiana or California, students love downtown Holland’s coffee bars, restaurants and shops just two blocks from campus. The College’s Sailing Club competes on nearby Lake Michigan—also the site of the annual plunge of participants in the Hope Men’s Way retreat.

All these opportunities inspired the 2011 Fiske Guide to Colleges to describe Hope as one of “the country’s best and most interesting schools, not only emphasizing academic strengths but also highlighting the college’s friendly environment and sense of community.”