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Book Orders Not Yet Received

Listed below are all of the courses for the upcoming semester for which we have NOT received textbook orders. The faculty was asked to submit their booklists well in advance of the new term; the deadline has since passed. We cannot pay more than wholesale prices for titles unless we have an order from the professor teaching the course. If your professor is listed for the same course again next semester and is on this list with the status of NO INFORMATION RECEIVED, we encourage you to request that s/he submit the book order.

DECISION PENDING means professors have responded but have not made a final textbook decision, so they don't need additional contact at this time. We will try to keep this list current as we get more book orders from professors.

Last Update: April 24, 2015

BUYBACK is open NOW through
May 4, 2015.

      List will be posted on Monday, April 27th    


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