2014 Critical Issues Symposium #HopeCIS



2014 Critical Issues Symposium

Schedule of Events


Sept 23

Opening Keynote: Douglas Rushkoff - 7 PM, Dimnent Chapel

Who is on Team Human? Programming the Future, with People in Mind


Sept 24



Morning Keynote: Gloria Mark - 9 AM, Dimnent Chapel

Coming of Age (Digitally): Stress and Multitasking in Everyday College Life

Digital Short Stories - 10:30 AM, Knickerbocker Theatre (Scroll down for topics)

Focus Sessions - 1 PM (Scroll down for topics & locations)

Department Sessions - 2:15 PM (Scroll down for topics & locations)

details for:


Digital Short Stories

10:30 AM

Location: Knickerbocker Theatre

Digital Short Stories is a session consisting of consecutive individual presentations, each between 8 - 10 minutes long; the sharing of personal stories centered around the effects of technology on life




Ernest Cole Reflection, Reformulation, and Re-invention: Digital Storytelling and the Dignity of Dying

John Knapp Self-Deception and Scientism: What Technology Cannot Do For You

Ben Lichtenwalner Technology and the Future of Leadership

Gloria Mark Rising to the Digital Challenge

Father Roy Pereira Faith and Technology in Mumbai, India

Kalli Crandell, Victoria Gonda, Cole Watson (Summer Hope Software Institute Program) Using Smartphones to Help Disabled Adults Ride the Bus

Roudeland Metellus and Nathan Vance ( Unplugged Study student participants) Unplugged Study experiences


Focus Sessions

1:00 PM (Concurrent sessions - choose 1 of 6)

Focus sessions are presentations designed to engage a general audience




Chad Carlson

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: The Use of Technology to Enhance Athletic Performance and its Ethical Implications

Location: 2A07/2A08‚Äč, DeVos Fieldhouse


Berta Carrasco de Miguel, Jayson Dibble, and Ryan Backman, Sydney Bryer, Ethan Gibbons, Sarah Harvin, Jordan Hill, Meghan Loree, Christian Wehner (Unplugged Study students)

Hope Students Unplugged: A 24 hours Digital Fast

Location: Maas Conference Room, Maas Center


Jim Herrick and Honors Communication Course students - Briana Armand, Christine Hunter, Amanda Littleton, Ryan Vander Ploeg, Karina Winkelman

Technology, Human Nature and Human Values

Location: Fried-Hemenway Auditorium, 135 Martha Miller Center


Ben Lichtenwalner

Digital Media and Servant Leadership - The Perfect Match

Location: Maas Auditorium, Maas Center


Gloria Mark

The Power and Peril of Constant Connectivity

Location: Winants Auditorium, Graves Hall


Father Roy Pereira

Will Technology Evolve a New Way of Thinking?

Location: Wichers Auditorium, 124 Nykerk Hall of Music


Department Sponsored Sessions

2:15 PM (Concurrent sessions - choose 1 of 9)

Department Sessions are designed to give scholars an opportunity to explore the topic in greater detail

Arts Division

Technology and the Art of Being Human

Presenters: Rob Hodson, Jim DeBoer, and Julia Randel (Music), Anne Heath and Steve Nelson (Art/Art History), Matt Farmer (Dance), Daina Robins (Theater)

Location: Wichers Auditorium, Nykerk Hall


Through the Sequencing Revolution: Revealing the Unseen Self

Presenter: Aaron Best

Location: A. Paul Schaap Science Center Room 1000

Computer Science

Software Engineers' Responsibilities in Examining the Impact of Their Products on Society

Presenters: Senior Capstone students - Matt Bracken, Hayden Davis, Maria Eguiluz, Coty Franklin, Kevin Hartsfeld, Nick Hoover, Chris Kappes, Shinnosuke Kondo, Conor Livingston, Jacob Steeg, Josh Swett

Location: A. Paul Schaap Science Center Room 1118

DEMA (Dept. of Economics and Business)

Technology, Theology, and the Future of Work

Presenters: Sarah Estelle, Peter Boumgarden, Steve McMullen, David Phillips

Location: A. Paul Schaap Science Center Room 1008

DMCL (Dept. of Modern and Classical Languages)

Technology and the Teaching of Languages, Culture, and Literatures

Presenters: Claudine Andre, Berta Carrasco de Miguel, Stacey Johnson, Steve Mauillo, Daniel Woolsey

Location: Fried-Hemenway Auditorium, 135 Martha Miller Center


I've Gone Totally Digital

Presenters: Holly Brinker, Susan Cherup, John Yelding

Location: VanderWerf 102

History & Mellon Scholars

How I got my job on Twitter and Other Tales From a Career in Social Media

Presenter: Allison Rockey

Location: Maas Center Conference Room


Human Athletes As High-Powered Machines: The Cultural and Ethical Implications of Sport Specialization and the Consuming Drive to Win

Presenter: Chad Carlson

Location: DeVos 2A-07

Sociology and Social Work

Technology and the Use of Laptops in the Classroom

Presenter: Pam A. Mueller, Princeton University

Location: Vanderwerf 104 (Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops to this session)