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Hope Center for STEM Inquiry (CSI)

promoting innovation in STEM education
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Thanks for joining us in summer 2014. Stop back in January for next summer's adventures!

3D printing / Environmental Modeling with Microcontrollers
Engineering Design coming soon...


Everest Trek - Grades 6-8
Calling all adventurers – imagine yourself hiking Mt. Everest and facing challenges of testing your equipment to make sure they’ll survive the tough conditions, encounter unexpected terrain and design solutions around them.

Summer Science Half Day Middle School Academies (through Science Camps!)
From video game making to lunar exploration, check out the summer science academies just for middle school ages.



Nuclear Forensics
Follow case studies in nuclear forensics to learn nuclear physics and chemistry.

Watershed Investigations
Learn how to applying their science to understand the watershed and help the local community address issues of concern with a "hands-on" approach.

Engineering the Future
Engage in the engineering design process to design a building of the future.


Watershed Investigations - @Kalamazoo Nature Center
Introduce your students to the science of watershed life and chemistry through hands-on inquiry based projects.

Molecular Modeling -
Computational science and modeling (CSM) has become a critical element in essentially all fields of science.

Nuclear Forensics -
Follow case studies in nuclear forensics to learn nuclear physics and chemistry.

Dune Measurements –
Train to use the GigaPan photographic system to monitor sand accumulation and erosion in open sand regions along the Lake Michigan shoreline.  

Teaching and Learning with Monarch Butterflies –
Pre-K through 12th grade educators can teach essential skills in literacy, math, science, geography, technology, Spanish, the arts and social sciences through the captivating story of monarch.

Homeschool parents and students welcome.

The Center for STEM Inquiry is funded as part of the Hope College Howard Hughes Medical Institute Program (HHMI). CSI programs thank the generous support of

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