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Hope in the world
Hope College has official partnerships with the following institutions:


Meiji Gakuin University (Tokyo)

  • An active exchange of students and faculty remains the attractive hallmark of this program
  • Hope May Term in Japan
  • MGU Fall Program at Hope College

Ferris University (Yokohama)

  • Hope College has received students from Ferris for many years
  • Ferris faculty and staff have visited Hope College and our own faculty have visited Ferris. Official faculty exchages are being considered.

Technos College (Tokyo)

  • An active annual exchange of students and faculty in the areas of Engineering, Computer Sciences, Communication and Kinesiology.

Waseda University (Tokyo)

  • Students from Waseda have been enrolled at Hope College in the last several years.

Seigakuin University (Tokyo)

  • We have had some student exchanges.
  • Faculty exchanges are being considered.
  • We are working on some collaborations in research and publication.


SIAS International University (Xin Zheng City, Henan)
  • A student and faculty exchange program, begun in June 2006.
Zhejiang University (Hangzhou)
  • An emerging relationship to develop faculty and student exchanges in English, Communication, Philosophy and the Natural Sciences.


Union Christian College (Aluva)

  • Faculty and staff members from UCC and Hope College have exchanged campus visits to facilitate collaboration.
  • We are working with UCC to establish a basic genetics laboratory.

United Kingdom

Liverpool Hope University (Liverpool, England)

  • We have sent and received students and the program is under further development.


The Autonomous University of Queretaro

  • An active exchange program for Hope students, for semester programs or May/June terms.
  • UAQ students have taken part in the Hope Summer Research Program.
  • We are increasing collaborative research between Hope and UAQ faculty

The Netherlands

Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen

  • 3-week summer exchange program through Hope's Economics department - designed and delivered by Hanze University. For more information, click here.


The Vienna Summer Program

  • remains a strong and vibrant program for Hope students.


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