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Meal Plans

21 meal plan, 15 meal plan, or 10 meal plan are the traditional meal plans for students living in a residence hall (Click Here for Pricing)

  • All you can eat
  • Healthful and vegetarian options
  • Open 7 days per week
  • Convenient service hours
  • Friendly staff
  • Great social environment
  • 2 guest passes
  • Students with 70 or more credit hours may use their meal plan at the Kletz and Cook Dining Room
  • Students living in Cook Hall have full access to Cook Dining Room

7+ Plan

  • Available only to students living in a cottage, apartment or off-campus
  • 7 meals per week at Cook, the Kletz, Phelps
  • *NEW-Get your meals to-go at Cook and Phelps
  • One free snack and one free beverage per day at the Kletz, Cool Beans, Cup + Chaucer, DeVos Fieldhouse, VanAndel Soccer Stadium and Knickerbocker Theater
  • 4 guest meal passes to be used at Cook or Phelps Halls
  • 3 Emma & Charlie’s Pizzas available from the Kletz
  • 2 $10 gift certificates at the Bookstore (mailed to you in Feb and March)
  • 1 Parent Package:
    • Free night at the Haworth Inn (restriction dates may apply), 2 guest meal passes, and a $5 gift certificate at the Bookstore (mailed out in February, March, October, and November)
  • Items expire at the end of the semester but more will be allotted again the following semester!

Sign up for a Meal Plan by calling Business Services at