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Student Profile: Blair Williams ’10

Though Blair Williams originally thought he’d want to go to a big college, his overnight visit to Hope changed his mind. “I really liked how it felt so homey,” he says. “At Hope, you feel like you’re a part of a big family rather than just another person in the crowd.”

Since coming to Hope, Blair has built on that feeling of family by getting to know people through his two on-campus jobs as a resident assistant and an employee of the computing and information technology office.

“I’ve enjoyed being an RA,” says Blair. “It’s been good for me in a number of ways, especially in learning about different types of people.”

Blair also likes meeting new people through his position with C.I.T. “The part of it I really enjoy is that I get to sit down and help students,” he says. “I view my job as a way of ministering, because I get to help people out by using the gifts God’s given me.” Along with ministering through his work, Blair is a member of Hope’s Union of Catholic Students. Growing up in a Catholic home and Catholic schools, Blair was nervous about coming to Hope at first.

“It was a big change for me,” he says, “ but the Union of Catholic Students really helped me see how Catholics can function and grow spiritually on Hope’s campus.” The campus ministries staff members have also made a positive impact on Blair, and he appreciates the diversity within Christianity that they bring to the table.

“It’s helped me to be not so close-minded with my faith and my beliefs,” he says. “Because there are people here who have different beliefs, that’s helped me to examine things more critically. Having that Christian diversity has challenged my faith in a good way, and it’s helped me grow.”

In addition to ministries staff and fellow students, Blair likes the interaction he has with his professors. As an engineering major, Blair has grown to admire and appreciate the engineering faculty over his past two years at Hope. “They’re really genuine people,” says Blair. He also feels that Hope professors want their students to succeed. “They’re on your side. You can look at them as friends rather than just people who are giving you grades.”

All in all, the friendliness of the people and the opportunities to build relationships make Hope feel like home for Blair, reinforcing his first impression formed during his high school visit. “I enjoy the community that Hope has,” he says. “It makes you feel like you belong.”

This profile was written by Danielle K. Johnson, a 2008 Hope College graduate from Kalamazoo, Mich., for the 2008-09 Hope College Catalog.

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