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Faculty Profile: Mary Inman
Professor of Psychology

Dr. Mary Inman of the department of psychology was led to Hope College when she learned about its academic reputation. “The psychology department has top-quality teachers who conduct nationally-recognized research,” she says. “I knew that I could learn from them and hopefully contribute to the department.” In order to begin teaching at Hope, Inman moved to Holland from San Antonio, Texas, where she had been teaching at Trinity University.

Dr. Inman is satisfied with the move as she has continually appreciated the uniqueness of Hope’s focus on students’ growth academically, spiritually, socially and physically. “Hope encourages students and faculty to creatively combine these domains,” she says.

Dr. Inman also enjoys the fellowship that she has with her students, an opportunity that she would miss at a larger college. “Students and faculty worship together, serve others together, discuss controversial issues together, and learn from each other,” she says. “Being a small college, Hope faculty members know their students and can better strengthen the academic skills of students. Having a Christian basis, Hope faculty members are a resource for students who desire such.”

Along with her interaction with students, Dr. Inman is also passionate about the field of psychology and its impact on the world. “Psychology research is at the forefront of helping people solve societal hurts and improving people’s quality of life,” she says. “Psychology at Hope is special because we value hands-on learning. Most of our classes have a laboratory component or a field experience that helps students see course concepts come alive.”

Dr. Inman believes that the faculty’s real interest in connecting with students as individuals improves the students’ experiences at Hope. “Our faculty engage students in research, present research with students, and co-author papers with students,” she says. “We value teaching. We know our undergraduate psychology majors.”

Dr. Inman also feels that the people of Hope build the true character of the college, as students and faculty alike work together to improve their communities inside and outside of Holland. “Many students are kind-hearted multi-taskers, who want to excel but are willing to sacrifice earning the A in order to give to the community or hurting world,” she says. “Faculty members are motivated to strengthen their teaching and to find new ways to help their students experience the topic. The faculty and students value serving others and are humble about it.”

“Students don’t shy away from tough problems,” she says. “They find ways that they can help a hurting world and they take that servant-leadership attitude with them beyond Hope.”

This profile was written by Christopher M. Lewis, a 2009 Hope College graduate from Troy, Mich., for the 2009-2010 Hope College Catalog.

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