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Information Literacy Program at Hope

The Information Literacy program at Hope College Libraries is a collaborative effort between teaching faculty and the teaching librarians designed to prepare students to be effective information seekers and users, both in general and in their disciplines with the goal of developing information fluent students.

The General Education curriculum requires that all First Year Seminar (FYS) and English 113 classes receive information literacy instruction, but many other courses with research components can benefit from sessions—in the library, or another learning space—led by librarians.

Key to the success of this program is close collaboration between teaching librarians and classroom faculty to design and guide students through research projects. In addition, librarians often create custom tailored library guides to serve as specialized research portals for students enrolled in a particular course.

Research at Hope College

Faculty members may benefit from the variety of scholarly communication services that we provide including:

Research Consultation
In addition, the librarians at Hope College also provide research consultations to both students and faculty members. Please contact a librarian to learn more. Students may also benefit faculty members refer students to a librarian for a 30 to 60 minute research help session as part of a research project or paper

Services for Faculty

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  • Faculty study carrels: The library offers several faculty studies each year to faculty members who use the space while on sabbatical, conducting research, writing a book or article, etc. Faculty who would like to be considered for a study should contact the library director (jacobsma@hope.edu) or administrative assistant (carlsonp@hope.edu), 395-7790. Requests for Spring Semester and May Term may be made in October and November. Requests for Summer and Fall Semester may be made in March and April.