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Abby Wilhelm

Class of 2018, hello! I am Abby Wilhelm, one of your Orientation Directors working alongside Audrey throughout the summer to prepare for your arrival. Let me say, we could not be more excited to welcome the incoming new students! I am earning a degree as a double major in International Studies and Political Science and a minor in Communications. My on-campus involvement includes Student Ambassadors, Hope for the Nations, and Nykerk Play. I also work at Admissions and the Events and Conferences Office. With so many amazing resources and opportunities on campus, I enjoy filling my time as much as possible, and often include a mandatory coffee run along the way. I am so excited for Orientation weekend to be filled with so many exciting new experiences with all of you!


Audrey Prins

AudreyHello Class of 2018! I am Audrey Prins, one of your Orientation Directors for this year! All summer long, Abby and I will be working at Hope preparing for your arrival – we are beyond excited for you to get here! I’m a Holland native and I’ll be entering my fourth year to complete a degree in Management and History. I like to stay busy around campus by participating in organizations like Nykerk, Dance Marathon, the Student Activities Committee, Phi Alpha Theta, and working at Van Wylen Library. I have a passion for travelling, an obsession with new books, and a love of Starbucks. HOPEing you have a wonderful summer in anticipation of the incredible time you will spend here, and I am counting down the days until we meet!


Assistant Directors

EileenEileen Guinane

Hello there!! My name is Eileen Guinane and I am one of the Assistant Directors for Transfer Orientation...which I am so pumped for!!! I transferred to Hope the fall of 2012 so I am very excited to support the incoming transfers and freshmen. I will be a Senior this fall studying Psychology and am from Des Plaines, IL. This summer, I am so blessed to have the opportunity to stay here in Holland working as the Housing Assistant on campus. Just a few things about me...I love the beach, golden retrievers, collecting coffee mugs, and am terrified of ladybugs. Can't wait to meet you all during Orientation!!

Tommy Batts

CLASS OF 2018!! Hello! My name is Tommy Batts, and I hail from Grand Rapids, MI. I am going to be a junior this fall, majoring in Communication with a minor in Management. I am involved in Campus Ministries, I lead Young Life at Holland High, and I am a member of the Student Activities Committee. I love me some intramural sports, waffles, and a little slack lining with a side of Spikeball. This summer, I am working at Covenant Harbor Bible Camp in Lake Geneva, WI. I can’t wait for y’all to get here! GO HOPE!


Nate Petroelje

WHATS UP NEWEST ADDITIONS TO THE HOPE FAMILY!! First off, congratulations on your decision! You’re going to love it here. My name is Nate Petroelje, I’m going to be a Junior at Hope for the 2014-2015 school year. I’m studying a double major in Business Management and Communications, with aspirations of working in marketing for an automotive company someday. There’s so much to do here on campus, I personally am involved in intramurals, bible studies, business club, and this year I will be living at the “waffle house.” It’s a house on campus that is run by campus ministries and we host “waffle house” events where we cook waffles for whoever shows up! (Shameless plug, stop by and grab some waffles and hangout during those events!) I cannot WAIT to meet you all this fall; it’s going to be a blast! I’m really fortunate to be a part of this team who all are so excited to help you get settled into campus, and we want you to know that we are ALL here for you guys if you have any questions or problems as you embark on this journey here at Hope! Have a great summer, and get pumped to be here next fall! ROLL DUTCH!

Abby Cassella

Hi my name is Abby Cassella! I am going to be a junior in the fall and I am a Elementary Education major, woot woot! I currently live in Okemos Michigan, (GO CHIEFS) but I grew up an Army Brat traveling across this beautiful country, so I don’t really have a home. BUT don’t cry for me Argentina, I absolutely LOVE my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. God has been so faithful to me throughout my journeys and He is the reason I landed here at Hope…and oh my goodness gracious you will be here so very soon!! Hope is going to absolutely blow your mind with its absolute awesomeness, seriously though, I HOPE you are ready (sorry…I had to add that pun up in there, Ahh) . As you can probably begin to see from the cheesing real hard picture of me on your screen, I like to smile, smiling is my absolute favorite. I am passionate about meeting new people and I cannot wait to meet you! Hope College WILL benefit from your presence, of that I am sure! Enjoy the rest of your summer and we will see you in August! FIRE UP FOR COLLEGE!! Wooooo hooooo!!!

Anna Allen

Hello class of 2018! My name is Anna Allen, I'm from Ann Arbor MI, and I am a Junior at Hope. I'm a Nursing student, and I hope to do medical missions after I graduate. I love God, love people, and ultimately just love to have fun! I'm happiest when I'm outdoors and enjoy doing things like backpacking, camping, running, working on my Chaco tan and singing camp songs around a bonfire. I'm involved in Nykerk, Intramural sports, and am a captain for the women's ultimate frisbee team! This summer I'll be working at Biggby Coffee and will continue to work there this fall. I'm so beyond excited to meet y'all and introduce you to this wonderful school!!


Huntar Huntar Martin

Hello class of 2018! My name is Huntar Martin and this will be my fourth and final year at Hope College, aka the most amazing place on earth! I am an English Secondary Education major, Psychology minor. I come from the small town of Mason, Michigan. I am the youngest of 8, and I love my huge, ridiculous family more than anything. This May I will be studying abroad in Vienna, Austria and the rest of my summer will be spent in Holland where I will be working at Van Wylen Library. Here at Hope I have been involved in Younglife, Dance Marathon, Nykerk song, and Orientation! Some things you should know about me are that I am a book lover and am completely obsessed with Harry Potter. I love food, naps, tulips, and beach sunsets. Most importantly, I am super excited to meet all of you! Orientation weekend is one you'll never forget, so get excited! See you very soon!


Kristen Garrett

Hi guys! My name is Kristen Garrett. I come from a little town called Byron Center, which is right outside of Grand Rapids. This year I will be a junior at Hope. I am double majoring in Psychology and Social Work. I have participated in Orientation, Nykerk, intramural sports, Gospel Choir, and the Student Activities Committee here on campus. This summer, I will be working for the Events and Conferences Office here at Hope. Other than that, I really just enjoy spending time with people I love, eating good food, worshipping the Lord, and laughing a lot! Hope is the best place for all of these activities and I hope you come to love it as much as I do!

Andrew Harrison

Hi! My name is Andrew Harrison, and I’m a Junior here at Hope. I’m from Plymouth, Minnesota, and studying both Engineering and Chemistry, with a Math minor. This summer I’m sticking around for a 10 week research internship at the Michigan State Bioeconomy Institute here in Holland. I’ve loved my time here at Hope, and have really enjoyed getting involved in Student Congress, Student Ambassadors, and Greek Life. Fun Fact… I’m related to Johnny Appleseed!


Vanessa Brockhouse

Hello class of 2018! My name is Vanessa Brockhouse and I am going to be a junior here at Hope! I'm from Fort Wayne, Indiana and I'm majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Psychology, with an emphasis in Occupational Therapy, so I will be continuing on with graduate school after my time at Hope. This summer I'm going to be at Camp Red Cedar where I will be working with children and adults with disabilities. I'm on the softball team here! It definitely keeps me busy but I can't think of any other way I'd rather spend my time. I was involved with Orientation last year and it was amazing, so I'm ready to start this new year again! I love meeting new people and I cannot wait to meet all of you.

ErickErick Skaff

Welcome class of 2018! My name is Erick W. Skaff and I am starting my senior year at Hope College. I like to spend my time swimming, eating delicious froyo combinations, and dancing with anyone and everyone. I grew up in Flint, am majoring in Chemistry, and plan on attending Medical School upon graduation. This summer I will be studying in Vienna for Hope’s May term program then returning to Holland to work in Holland Hospital’s laboratory. When I’m not working I will be enjoying the sunshine at the beach and hanging out with friends. I love my family–especially my nephews and niece (refer to niece in attached photograph). I have already had a life-changing experience at Hope College and I can't wait to help all the incoming students have that experience too. Stay classy future Hope students.

HannahHannah Cutshall

Class of 2018- Welcome! I am SO excited to meet you when you move in and throughout the school year!  My name is Hannah Cutshall, and I will be starting my third year at Hope as a Spanish Education major, aiming to study abroad in Chile during the spring semester.  I’m half Hoosier and half Floridian, as I grew up in Indiana but recently moved to Florida!  You will find me around campus as the ’18 Even Year Pull Rep, in the ASCD Education Club, as a Dorian sorority member, a Nykerk song alumna, an intramural sport enthusiast, and a member of the leadership society, ODK.  This summer, I will be staying at Hope to work in the Events and Conferences office, helping organize all the cool things that keep campus busy during the post-school months.  Hope is the best place to be, and I know you are going to love your time here!  See you all in a few short months!!!

Gabi Williams


Hi guys! My name is Gabi Williams and I am so excited to welcome all of you incoming students to Hope! I am a junior, a Psychology and Sociology double major. I am from Holland, and I live just a few blocks from campus. This summer I am working at the Haworth hotel on Hope’s campus. When I’m not working you can find me at the beach or at a pool with my friends! It doesn’t matter where as long as I can swim! I think my love for the water is partially due to the unhealthy obsession I had with the Little Mermaid when I was younger. I cried because I couldn’t be Ariel…not much has changed. If you can’t tell by now with all of the exclamation marks I am a very excited, loud and bubbly person! I love Orientation, being involved and the color pink! Random adventures and making memories is what I live for! I am so blessed to be attending this college, where I have found some amazing lifelong friends! So excited for all of you to start your amazing journey here; I can’t wait to see you around campus!

JordynJordyn Stump

Hi! My name is Jordyn Stump and I’m a junior Communication major. I’m from DeWitt, MI (a teeny-tiny town) but I’m staying in the great city of Holland for the summer! I’ll be interning at Felt Mansion in Saugatuck and will also be working in Hope’s Ticket Office. (SUPER excited to be living in a place with so many froyo and ice cream options!) I love The Office/Gilmore Girls/Parks & Rec/The Mindy Project and reference them any chance I get, occasionally run IF the weather’s nice, eat all of the time, am completely obsessed with the color coral and the Royal Family. I knew Hope College was the right place for me the minute I stepped foot on campus and it has been the biggest blessing in my life ever since. I’m so excited to meet all of you at Orientation and can’t wait for you to fall in love with this amazing place, too!

Cam Cam Fox

New friends of 2018! Most people call me Cameron Fox and I am a junior this year. I reign from Eden Prairie, which is in the Land of 10,000 Lakes (Minnesota) and am majoring in Elementary Education with a focus on Social Studies and an ESL Certification. This summer I am interning at the Denver Rescue Mission in Denver, Colorado working with their children’s program. I am very excited for this experience to work with new people! At Hope I have been involved in Nykerk Play, Intramurals, tutoring, and Gospel Choir. I look forward to meeting all of you this coming August and beginning even more friendships! Start getting stoked!

Sarah Steed

Hello class of 2018! My name is Sarah Steed, and I am a senior at Hope.  I am from Birmingham, Michigan and I am studying Elementary Education and Early Childhood. I am super excited to welcome you to our awesome Hope family. Hope has become my second home away from home and I’m eager to see what Hope can do for you. As a Hope student, I have had the privilege of getting involved with a variety of different organizations and clubs that Hope has to offer. I am a chair for Relay for Life, I participated in Nykerk song both years, I have participated in several different intramural sports, I’ve been a CASA tutor, and I am a member of the Kappa Beta Phi sorority. This summer I will be going to Rosebud, South Dakota for a May term to immerse myself in the Lakota culture and I’m very excited I get the chance to open my eyes to a entirely different world than what I’m used to. For the rest of the summer I will be staying here at school babysitting and enjoying the beautiful Holland weather. Every year I fall more and more in love with my school and I hope throughout your four years at Hope, you will fall in love with it too! Let your new journey begin :)  Roll Dutch!


SamSam Starks

Class of 2018!  What’s up?! My name is Sam Starks and I am from St. Joseph, MI, which is about an hour south of Holland along Lake Michigan.  I am a junior at Hope intending to graduate with a major in CPA (Certified Public Accounting) and a minor in Classical Studies.  However, I might be able to stay an extra year…which would be SWEET because Hope is AWESOME! Hope’s the anchor to my soul.  I am a member of Student Ambassadors, the Student Activities Committee, YoungLife, and Gospel Choir. I am also a tour guide, an immersion trip leader, Nykerk 1-6 playboy, and I love playing intramural sports!  This summer I will be counseling and lifeguarding at Portage Lake Covenant Bible Camp.  WooHoo!  I am so pumped to come back next fall and meet all of you wonderful people!


Emilie DeFrain

Hello everyone! My name is Emilie DeFrain and I am one of the Assistant Directors of the Transfer Program. I too recently transferred to Hope in the fall of 2013 and have loved every minute of my time here and I know you will too. I am a Communication major with a Creative Writing minor; so creativity and talking to people is what I am all about! I will be spending my summer back in my home town of Oxford, MI working at a local pet store- but worry not because I will also be diligently working to make this transfer process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you. I just know you will love Hope and it will quickly become home for you. See you in August!!

Lauren Lauren Boyle

Hey Class of 2018! My name is Lauren Boyle and I am from Rochester Hills, MI. I will be entering my junior year (feeling old) as a Psychology major and Leadership minor.  I cannot wait for you guys to come to such a special place, where you will grow and learn in so many ways.  In fact, Holland can’t keep me away as I will be spending my June and July months working at a camp and exploring West Michigan. I love to spend time with the people I love, laugh, sit in coffee shops, and go for long runs. You will find me working hard in the classroom, but also enjoying all that Hope has to offer around campus. See you guys soon!!


Karen Moreno

Hi! My name is Karen Moreno and I’m super excited to meet all of you! Some information about me is that I’m a junior with a Biology major and Spanish minor. With those degrees I plan on going on to med school and becoming a pediatrician who interacts with both English and Spanish speaking families. This is also my hometown (Holland, MI). My plans for this summer are to work, catch the extra z’s while it’s still possible, spend time at the beach soaking up the sun and of course to have a blast with everyone at Orientation. Looking forward to Orientation and I hope every single one of you have an amazing summer!



Nancy Benda

Welkom class of 2018! My name is Nancy Benda, and I’m so excited to be one of the Assistant Directors this year. I’m a sophomore from Birmingham, MI but I happily live full time in Holland now. When I’m not studying, I am spending my time in one of the many great organizations on campus. I am proudly involved as a Nykerk playgirl, member of the Student Activities Committee, and player for the women’s tennis team. This summer I will be playing a lot of tennis with the Hope College tennis academy as well as spending time exploring Michigan with family and friends. Coming to Hope is the best decision I’ve ever made, and I am confident that you will love it as much as I do. I can’t wait to meet you all in August, go Dutch!

EthanEthan Gibbons

Hi! My name is Ethan Gibbons and I"m a Senior with a Sociology major and minors in Psychology and Biology. I'm from a small town about two hours east of Holland called Fowlerville. I grew up with an older brother who came to Hope, and a younger brother who will hopefully be a member of the Hope College class of 2018! I am going to Vienna this May and will be coming back to do research in Sociology for the rest of the summer. In my free time, I love hanging out with my brothers in the Emersonian Fraternity. I am also the President of the Inter Fraternal Council, the governing council of fraternities at Hope, as well as a tour guide. I can't wait to meet the class of 2018. Welcome to Hope!

Natalie Natalie Allen

Dear incoming Hope students, welcome! I cannot wait to meet all of you! My name is Natalie Allen and I am a senior here at Hope College. My hometown is Elkhart, Indiana. I am a Psychology major going into occupational therapy in my graduate studies. I have been involved in a variety of activities and groups on campus. This semester I have participated in research through the Psychology department. I am one of the leaders for the pre-occupational therapy club. And I love intramural sports! This summer I have an internship in Indianapolis at a pediatric clinic. I am so excited for all of you and your Hope experience! Orientation weekend is the perfect way to kick off to a great year! See you in the fall!


SamSam Eldersveld

Hello new Hope friends! My name is Sam Eldersveld and I will be one of the Assistant Directors for Orientation this fall. I will be a junior for this upcoming school year and my major is Mechanical Engineering. I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan which is about 40 minutes from Holland. This summer I will be a camp counselor at Camp Geneva which is in Holland. I’m looking forward to being outside every day as well as growing in my faith at camp. I love to meet new people, play sports, and to joke around a little bit. I’m always wanting to learn from others and to hear people’s stories. I love to eat doritos and cheeze-its. Doritos R LYFE. Our Orientation group is so excited to make you all feel right at home while you’re at Hope. We love to make the new students happy. I hope that everyone has a safe summer and can get some rest from school. Dutchmen all the way!!!

Lauren Lauren Burford

Hey class of 2018!  My name is Lauren Burford and I’m entering my junior year at Hope! I’m a Management major and a Communication minor. I come from a place called L-Town (Livonia, MI) on the east side of the state.  This summer I’ll be attending Vienna Summer School and then going to Italy for a week!  I’m involved in Greek Life, Relay for Life, Dance Marathon, and Volunteer Services here at Hope.  I love this place and can’t wait for you all to get here! Peace and blessings!


ChristinChristin Bothe

Hello there! My name is Christin Bothe and I will be a sophomore at Hope in the fall! I'm from DeKalb, IL (interesting fact: Barbed wire was invented here-super exciting) and I am a Business Management major with a Ministry minor. I am so stoked for another year at Hope, and I am especially excited to have all of you here for it! Until then, I'll be spending my summer loving awesome kids and serving an awesome God at a camp in Wisconsin! I am passionate about drinking coffee, running, and eating Nutella wraps from Hope's dining hall. I'll leave you with a little poem I wrote: "Hope is so cool, it makes me want to drool." But don't worry; I don't actually. Can't wait to meet all of you though!!

Joey Helder


Hey class of 2018!  My name is Joseph Helder and I am from East Lansing, MI.  I am entering my senior year at Hope, I am a Social Work major and a Psychology minor. At Hope I have been involved in Nykerk song moral, as well as intramural sports, Campus Crusade, and campus ministries. Outside of working at the wonderful JP's coffee bar in downtown Holland, this summer I will be working with one of my professors researching postpartum anxiety, as well as working for the Holland Rescue Missions children's ministry. I am super pumped about this but I am also so excited to meet all of you!  I hope that you are all as excited as I am for this coming school year, see you in August!

Destini Pulido

DestiniHi there Class of 2018, Destini Pulido here! I am a junior from Eaton Rapids, Michigan and I am so excited to meet you all! Coming to Hope was the best decision I have made, this place has become my second home! I’m a sociology and social work double major. I like to stay pretty involved here at Hope. I just love to take advantage of what this beautiful campus has to offer. I am currently involved with the Even Year Pull Team (as a past morale and now ’18 Coach), Orientation, Campus Ministries, Ready for Life, the Kappa Beta Phi sorority, Hip Hop Club, and the Latino Student Organization. I also work at Hope’s Admission Office as a tour guide and at Business Services as an office assistant! You should know that I am obsessed with the color pink, dancing, caramel lattes, and football.  I cannot wait for all of you to get here so I can meet as many of you as I can! ‘S’ Go Hope!