Share Your Feedback

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee welcomes and values the input of the Hope community into the strategic thinking process.

Open Meetings, Forums and Focus Groups

Strategic planning will begin with a series of open meetings for faculty and staff to learn more about the strategic planning process.  All Hope College employees are invited to attend one of these meetings to learn more and share initial feedback regarding the plans.

Also, during the data gathering and assessment phase that is led by the study groups, members of the campus will have opportunities to provide feedback through focus groups, surveys, open meetings or other public ways to gather your comments.  Study groups will decide what works best for the work they are doing.  All meetings will be publicly announced through email, KnowHope and will be maintained on the strategic planning calendar.

Input from alumni, parents and friends

Not only will it be important to learn from the expertise and experience of Hope employees, others outside of this network have valuable perspectives to consider in the planning process.  Alumni, parents and friends are all highly engaged in the college and have a vested interest in its future direction.  Opportunities for these groups to provide their ideas and feedback will be possible at appropriate times in the process.

Online Survey

We invite you to share with us issues that are a priority to you as you consider the future of the college. The following survey seeks your ideas regarding questions, concerns, ideas, and aspirations you have for the college that you believe are important for the strategic plan. Your feedback may be shared with study groups that will be evaluating the college around ten topical areas or it may be given directly to the steering committee. All feedback will be considered thoughtfully.