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Hope is a distinguished and distinctive Christian liberal arts college with an excellent academic reputation and a demonstrated concern for individual students.  The College is situated next to the central business district of Holland, a community of 40,000 approximately five miles from Lake Michigan.  There is easy access to recreational facilities both on and off campus and to larger metropolitan areas.


Admission to May/June/July terms does not require submission of credentials and is open to almost everyone: guests from other colleges and universities; college graduates; high school graduates; high school seniors (100 and 200 level courses); high school juniors with B+ average (100 and 200 level courses); non-traditional students who desire to better themselves educationally.  All students other than degree-seeking Hope students will need to return a completed single-term enrollment form to the Admissions Office prior to Registration; they will register for summer terms beginning Monday, March 18.

TUITION & HOUSING FEES on Business Services webpage

Refunds for approved course withdrawals will be prorated according to the following schedule:

May Term:


Drop Period 100% Refund



Withdrawal   50% Refund


Withdrawal    0% Refund

  5/24 Last day to Pass/Fail or Withdraw

June Term:


Drop Period 100% Refund



Withdrawal   50% Refund


Withdrawal    0% Refund

  6/21 Last day to Pass/Fail or Withdraw

July Term:


Drop Period 100% Refund



Withdrawal   50% Refund

7/9-7/19 Withdrawal    0% Refund


Last day to Pass/Fail or Withdraw

Fees are due the first day of classes.  Off-campus course fees do not include tuition, with the exception of the Seminar in Japan and Vienna Summer School.

TERM DATES: MAY (May 06-May 31), JUNE (June 03-June 28), JULY (July 1-July 26)

The three- or four-week sessions, each for 2-4 semester hours of college credit, allow students to devote intensive study to traditional or innovative topical courses.  Independent studies and individual readings are also available with the permission of the professor and Registrar.  Most classes meet 9:00 am-12:00 noon, Monday-Friday, and require significant daily out-of-class preparation.  There is an excellent student/faculty ratio.


Hope College students (degree-seeking) may register ON-LINE for May, June & July term classes beginning Wednesday, February 6.

Special (non-degree) students may register ON-LINE for May, June & July term classes beginning Monday, March 18.

To register, follow these steps:

1)      Go to KnowHopePlus, from Internet Explorer.  For detailed instructions, click on "Registration Instructions" in the left margin.

2)      Enter Secure Login Area, then

3)      Enter your ID number

4)      Registrar and Student Accounts, then

5)      Registration, then

6)      Register for Classes and Add/Drop Classes

7)      The system will ask you to submit a term; choose the correct term, then enter the Course Reference Number (CRN) for the class you want to take. You can find CRNs in the on-line schedule. Typically, students enroll in no more than 6 credits each summer term. Students who want to enroll in more than 6 credits each summer term should consult the registrar.

Special and guest students must first fill out an application form from the Hope Admissions Office,


Contact the Office of the Registrar, Hope College, PO Box 9000, Holland, Michigan, 49422-9000, Phone (616) 395-7760. FAX (616) 395-7680.