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  Your registration time will be posted on your KnowHopePlus account. You will be notified by email when the time is posted. To see your time, log in to your account,under the "Registrar, Financial Aid, and Student Accounts" menu, click on "Registration" then on "Registration Status" and select the appropriate term.

    If you have a hold which prevents registration, it will be indicated there. Click on "View Holds" at the bottom of the screen for more information. Once you know what sort of hold(s) you have, please contact the appropriate office (see list at the end of this site) so the hold may be resolved and removed and you may register at your assigned time.

    The Schedule of Classes will be available on-line several weeks before you register.

The on-line schedule is updated as changes are made, so you'll want to check the schedule right before you register in case any changes will affect your schedule. You can also see if classes are closed by checking the on-line schedule.

Meet with your advisor during the advising period. Please schedule your advising appointment at least 2 days before your registration time.

Below are some frequently asked questions about registration:


I've heard that some students can register via the web; who gets to do this and how?

All students studying on off-campus programs register on-line.

Eligibility for other students on-line depends on several factors. Check this link for details.

Students eligible to register on-line will register via their KnowHopePlus account. You can read about the process for on-line registration at

Students who are eligible to register on-line will need a registration PIN-available only from their advisor. Students who are studying on an official Hope College-approved off-campus program will not need a registration PIN.

If you want to register for classes requiring permission of instructor or chair, you will need to bring signed permission slips to the Registrar's Office. We will add these classes to your schedule when we receive the signed permission slips. You cannot register for these classes on-line.

What should I do before I meet with my advisor?

Run a degree evaluation to see the requirements for general education and minors and majors you have declared or are considering. Never run one? Check this link

Check the Hope College Catalog on-line for course descriptions and prerequisites.

Check out the "Advising Helps" on the Registrar's Office home page.

Using the schedule of classes, plan a tentative schedule, using the class schedule planner. Don't forget to block out times for drills, labs, discussion sections. Consider alternates in case classes you want are full.

After you've planned a tentative schedule and alternates, make an appointment with your academic advisor. Schedule your appointment for at least two days prior to your registration time.

If you are eligible to register on-line, your advisor will give you your registration PIN. You may not register on-line without this PIN.

I've forgotten my advisor's name and/or office location!

 Check with the Registrar's Office (first floor of the DeWitt Center), x7760.

I'm graduating, but I plan to take classes next semester. I didn't get a registration time; what should I do to get one?

You'll need to complete a readmission application (you can get one from the Admissions Office on 10th Street). As soon as Admissions enters your application information, you will receive your registration time.

I have a hold (rather than a registration time); what should I do? 

If you have a hold, click on "View Hold" on the registration screen to see what kind of hold you have. Then contact the appropriate office:

           Behavior Hold--Cindy Vogelzang, Student

         Financial Aid Hold-Financial Aid

         Financial Hold--Holli Overbeek, Business

         Health Hold--Health

         No Major Declared Hold--Registrar's

         Monthly Payments Past Due--Holli Overbeek, Business

You may not register until you have resolved your hold, so it's important to act promptly. Once your hold is resolved and removed, you can check your KnowHopePlus account for your registration time

I'm not coming back to Hope; who needs to be told?

If you are leaving Hope and are not graduating, you should complete a Non-Return/Withdrawal form. Forms are available in the Registrar's Office, DeWitt Center, first floor.

What do I need to bring to Maas Auditorium when I register?

Bring your completed registration form signed by your advisor and permission slips for any classes listed in the schedule as "RESTRICTED" or "Written permission of instructor (or chairperson) required." You must have these items to register.

I encourage you to also bring a schedule planner with alternate classes in case your first-choice classes are full and a printed copy of your degree evaluation.

What happens if a class I want is full?

Whether you register on-line or in person, you can be added electronically to wait lists for full classes. Students on wait lists will be notified of their status via email and given instructions about how to follow-up.

I've got questions. Who can help me?

Come to the Registrar's Office (first floor of the DeWitt Center). We're happy to help you.