Registration Timeline
Fall 2013 Semester
  • Online Registration and In-Person Registration is designated for currently enrolled, degree-seeking students and readmitting students (that have paid their deposit).
  • Transfer students and new degree-seeking students may register on or after Monday, April 29, 2013.   
  • Special, non-degree seeking students may register on or after Monday, July 8, 2013. 
Holds That Must Be Resolved

Business Services - Andersen-Werkman Building
Financial Hold 
Monthly Payments Past Due
Registration Deposit Hold
($250 due March 15)  
Health Center - Dow Center
Health Hold 
Student Development - DeWitt Building 
Behavior Hold 
Registrar's Office - DeWitt Building 
Former Student Hold 
No Major Declared 
Transfer Student Missing Transcript 
Registrar Hold  
Holds must be resolved before students can register.  Those unable to do so by their registration time may register in the Registrar's Office when the hold is removed.   
Advising Week
MARCH 25 - APRIL 4, 2013 

Advising Resources are available on our website.

Registration forms and PINs
are mailed to primary
Academic Advisors. Registration forms are necessary only for ALL students with fewer than 24 earned hours. PINs are confidential and should not be sent via e-mail.   
Department Assistants also receive a copy of the registration information sent to the faculty in that department.  

Students prepare for their advising meeting
by bringing a degree evaluation and class schedule planner with alternate choices. 

Permission slips
must be obtained from the department chairperson or instructorStudents cannot register for restricted classes online.  They bring the signed permission slip to the Registrar's Office. 

Seniors who have applied to graduate in May or July 2013 will not receive a registration PIN.

who plan to return to Hope for the Fall 2013 semester must re-apply through Admissions.

who plan to return must complete a Single-Term Enrollment Form for Non-Degree Seeking Students to re-apply for the Fall 2013 semester. 
Registration Week
APRIL 1 - 5, 2013

Currently enrolled, degree-seeking students can find their registration time on
KnowHope Plus.

Online Registration  
For students with 24 or more earned hours.  This does not include classes from the Spring 2013 semester.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - Online Registration, 24+ earned hours.  Registration PINs expire at 7:00AM on Thursday.

In-Person Registration
For students with fewer than 24 earned hours.
This does not include classes from the Spring 2013 semester.
Thursday and Friday - Maas Auditorium, In-Person Registration for students with fewer than 24 earned hours.  

Class enrollment is frozen at 5:00PM on Friday so each department can review and evaluate its wait lists.  Instructors can view their wait lists immediately on KnowHope Plus.
Wait List Week
APRIL 5 - 12, 2013

Friday, Monday and Tuesday - Review wait lists, PDF copies to department chairs and secretaries.

5:00PM Tuesday
- Faculty responses due to the Registrar's Office before 5:00PM.

Thursday and Friday - Those given permission to add from a wait list MUST come to the Registrar's Office to add the class.  During the same visit, students may drop class(es) to add the wait listed class(es).

5:00PM Friday - Wait lists purged. The Registrar's Office does not maintain wait lists after Friday.

Drop/add forms should NOT be signed during the wait list period.  Please honor the wait list process.   
And Drop/Add...

The drop/add period begins two weeks after registration.

Deadlines for Drop/Add Permission:
- Wednesday, September 4    
Full Semester - Wednesday, September 4     
Last-Half - Friday, October 25   

Professor permission is required to drop or add any course. A detailed e-mail to the student is acceptable (see below).

Academic Advisor (primary) permission is also required, except for section changes of the exact same course. An e-mail to the student is acceptable. 
Scheduled Events
Holds to Resolve
Advising Week
Registration Week
Wait List Week
And Drop/Add...
Registration PINs
  • Students must have 24+ earned hours.     
  • This PIN is different from the  KnowHope Plus log-on PIN. 
  • Primary advisors distribute registration PINs.
  • PINs expire at 7:00AM on Thursday. 
Off-Campus Programs
  • Spring 2013, students currently studying off-campus do NOT need a registration PIN.
  • Fall 2013, students approved to study off campus will be registered for their program by the Registrar's Office. 
Did you know?
  • Begin Time = the earliest time a student can register.
  • Restricted courses require permission. Details are on the class schedule. 
Contact Information
Hope College
Office of the Registrar
Main Floor of DeWitt


Send an e-mail to the student to grant permission:

I ______________________________(instructor) give _____________________________(student) permission to add _________________________  (subject, course # and section) for the Fall 2013 semester.

Advisor permission is also required
except for section changes of the exact same course.  E-mail is acceptable.