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Carol De Jong – Registrar
Academic regulations/policies, athletic eligibility, late withdrawals, probation, degree evaluation, veterans cerification, Banner coordinator.
Ryan J. White – Director of Academic Advising & First Year Seminars
First Year Seminars, freshman advisor coordinator, faculty/advisor concerns with students, dual-enrolled students  
Marla Lunderberg – Director of FOCUS and SOAR Programs
Gloria Shay – Associate Registrar
Demographic information, diplomas, enrollment report, external reporting, graduation checkout, institutional research/IPEDS, pass/fail, and readmitting students.  
Rowene Beals– Assistant to the Registrar
Academic calendar support, address changes, athletic eligibility support, catalog (printed version), CLEP administration, confidentiality holds, ID validation follow-up, KnowHope sheets, non-return/withdrawals, notetakers, payables, special student registration, and summer payroll.  
Alyssa Boss - Academic Credit Manager & Transfer Student Advisor
Grades/EOT reports, CLEP & GRE administration, transcripts, name changes, advisor changes, language credit, major & minor adjustments, major & minors declarations, no major holds, test credit (AP, CLEP, IB), transfer credit & TES, and transfer student advisor.  
Sarah Gottschlich - Student Data Manager
Academic data requests, clearinghouse, Dean's List Notifications, email distribution, enrollment certifications, factbook, manages archived student records, website management, class lists, coordinates registration calendar and processes, and wait lists.  
Kristen Kernstock - Assistant Registrar & Curricular Services
Catalog curriculum in Banner, class schedule, classroom scheduling, exam schedule, faculty load, maintains final exam schedule, notary public services, registration & term table maintenance, student worker supervision, class lists, coordinates registration calendar and processes, and wait lists.  
Elizabeth Steenwyk – Assistant Registrar & Transfer Student Advisor

Transfer student advising and registration, evaluation and entry of transfer credit, AP credit, departmental exam credit and foreign language credit, off-campus program registration and credit, degree evaluation, general education waivers/substitutions, major and minor waivers/substitutions.