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General Mail Center Information

summer (May-August)

All student and Resident Directors mail is picked up at the Hope Mail Center in the DeWitt Center. You will be notified via e-mail only of package receipts. Summer hours are 8:30am - 12noon and 1pm - 4pm daily. Not open on Saturdays or Sundays

Academic year (August - May)

Mail service for all academic and administrative departments, as well as students, are provided at the Mail Center located on the main level of DeWitt Center. All departments and student cottages are assigned mailboxes and both USPS and on-campus mail is sorted into these boxes. Boxes with combination locks can only be accessed by authorized personnel who have the combination. Mail cannot be retrieved by Mail Center personnel from these boxes. Mailboxes are accessible 24 hours a day.

Window Service
The window service is for packages, large mailings, postage sales, international mail etc. and is open Monday through Friday, 8:30-12 noon and 1-4:30 pm. Student packages may also be picked up during the noon hour on the weekdays and Saturday from 10:00 am to 12 noon.

The Mail Center fax number is 616-395-7922. Incoming faxes may be received by any college personnel or department for a fee of 10 cents a page. Departments are charged this via account on a monthly basis. Those faxes will be placed in the appropriate mailbox throughout the day.

There is a fax machine for student use at the student Union Desk, which can be reached at 616-395-7998.If the Student Union Desk is closed, the fax machine at the mail center can be used.

Receiving Service:
Accountable mail/packages include USPS Express, certified, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation and insured mail. Federal Express, DHL and UPS Next Day services are also included in the category of accountable mail/packages. Departments are required to sign for these packages and will be notified of this in the form of a package slip taped to the mailbox door.

UPS delivers all non-express items daily, generally between 11:00 am and 12:00 noon. Any items that do not fit in the mailbox will be shelved and a pickup card will be taped to the mailbox door.

Any items that are too heavy or cumbersome for you or your staff to carry can be delivered by maintenance. The mail center will notify you of this, but it is your responsibility to contact maintenance with the request and let them know the specific delivery location.