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Sending Mail From Hope

Outgoing Mail

Normal letters are mailed through the mail center by placing the stamped and addressed envelope in the appropriate slot below the lobby window. (diagram)

Airmail should be left at the window. The country that the mail is being sent to must be clearly written on the last line of the address. For all airmail other than letters 1/4" thick or more, a customs form must be completed and three completed and signed copies attached to package. See Customs Forms.

Inter-Campus mail - does not need stamps!

It is much easier for you to prepare intercampus mail if no names are needed. If you have mass mailings:

not personalized

for students:
You can obtain total numbers needed from Student Development for halls & apartments. Then, count out the numbers needed for each hall/apartment, identify and rubber band. For cottages very often we use 2 copies per cottage X 70. Thus bundle 140 and mark it cottages. No need to identify them further. In this manner the mass mailings can be distributed quickly and efficiently by mail center staff

for faculty/staff:
As the Mail Center has the individual numbers needed per mailbox, you can use the following total numbers for 13-14:

Faculty - 583
Administrative Staff - 140 - subtotal: 723
Secretarial/clerical/custodial Staff - 109 - total of all: 832
General Distribution* - 219
Total Mailboxes - 70 (1 copy per department)

*General Distribution - mainly used for number of bulletin boards per departments. However, it could mean that department decided they want a copy for everyone anyway. Depends how they requested the numbers.

personalized (please ask yourself, is it really necessary? - delivery takes much longer!)

for students: (obtain counts from Student Development)
order your labels/lists by housing, room numbers, and name. Then bundle by halls/apartments/cottages in numeric order for prompt delivery.

for faculty/staff: (mail center has counts - see above)
order your labels/lists by department then name
. Then bundle by department in alphabetical name order for prompt delivery and distribution.

Dr. Jane Doe
History Department

Jane Doe
Phelps 214

Mail To Be Metered

All unstamped mail to be metered should be in trays or rubber banded together with the unsealed flaps up and your account number in the upper left-hand corner of at least the top envelope. Do not allow the adhesive closures to get wet or they will stick together and not be able to be processed.

Separate and bundle mail according to the 4 slots provided (diagram) beneath the mailroom window. Please use rubber bands from the desk or ask for trays at the window for group mailings.

Always keep airmail (international items) seperate from domestic mail.


Envelopes with black printed addresses on white background, can be sent presort, which is 3 cents cheaper than first-class mail. In order for your mail to be sent this way the same day, it must be at the mail center before 2:30 pm.

Cannot presort:
Letters with anything that interferes with the address, such as color, notations, low return addresses and windows on the envelopes that are lower than 5/8" from the bottom. Hand written or fancy printed lettering also cannot be presorted. Kent Communications, Inc., our presort company, must be able to electronically read address, city, state and zip code without any other interference on the envelope.