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Past Events 2010-2011

October 7, 9pm
Pine Grove


Take Back the Night

At 9 PM, we will gather in the Pine Grove to collect candles.

The march will commence shortly afterwards and we will visit 9 spots on campus where an incident of violence has occured. Speakers will offer a few moments of reflection at each site.

Please come and encourage others to share in this important expression of our opposition to all forms of violence on Hope's campus.

Sponsored by:Women's Issue's Organization

October 27, 8pm
Keppel House Basement

Hope Way Women: Relationships, dating, sexuality, and everything else.

To see schedule of events:


November 3, 7pm
Herrick Library Auditorium

Free and open to the public


Women in Afghanistan: Equlaity at Home and in Politics

This event is cosponsored by Lakeshore Women of Peace, Hope United for Justice, and Justice League


November 8, 7:30pm
Schaap Science Center 1019

Free admission




Presentation: Why do Women and Men watch sex?

Evening Lecture: Why do Women and Men watch sex? Hope's Programming Committee on Issues of sexuality has invited Dr. William M. Struthers (Wheaton College), author of Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain, to offer the evening presentation 'Why Do Women & Men watch sex? The Neuroscience of Pornography".


January 26, 8pm
Fried-Hemenway Auditorium

Hope United for Justice documentary series "Darfur Now". Darfur Now is an examination of the genocide in Sudan's western region of Darfur. The struggles and achievements of six individuals bring to light the situation in Darfur and th need to get involved. A discuss will follow for those interested.


April 2 & 3, 8pm
Park Theater
Tickets - $10 in advance or $12 at the door



Vagina Monologues

Students and faculty present the annual production of Eve Ensler's play based on hundreds of interviews with women. She confronts issues of domestic violence, body image, violence against women and ultimately women's empowerment.


April 5, 6pm
Fried-Hemenway Auditorium


"Silence Broken: Korean Comfort Women." with discussion led by film's producer, Dr. Dai Sil Kim-Gibson

"Silence Broken" tell of Korean women forced into sexual servitude by the Hapanese Imperial Army during World War II.

April 14, 4pm
Knickerbocker Theater

Free Admission

Jackson Katz Presentation "More Than A Few Good Men".

Katz is the author of The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How all Men Can Help. He is recognized for his groundbreaking work in gender violence prevention with youth, sports, and the military. He is the co-founder of the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) program, which is the most widely utilized gender violence prevention program in college and professional athletics in North America. Katz is the creator of award-winning and widely used education videos for college and high schoool students, include "Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity,"
"Wrestling With Manhood," and "Spin the Bottle."


April 25, 5pm
Maas Auditorium

Free Admission

Human Trafficking Awareness Night

Come join Hope United for Justice, Hope for the Voiceless and Leadership 201 for an event of learning about human trafficking through a touring displace and learn how you can get involved. Threads of Hope will be sold for $3

April 26, 4pm
Location to be announced.

Free Admission

Refreshments will be provided!

Educator Ann McKnight will be offering an introductory “tour” of NVC training—nonviolent communication.

I believe this hour will be valuable for anyone interested in learning a practical way to transform anger and conflict into trust and cooperation; promote Christ-like compassion through thoughts, words and actions; and to connect with others regardless of past experiences.

Ann has studied NVC for over eight years with leaders from around the world. Ann, herself, has led workshops for people of all ages, including graduate students at Western Theological Seminary, ministers at the Luther seminary annual retreat in Minnesota, kindergartners, and prisoners at the Kent County Jail.