Academic Programs

Our academic programs build on a core we call the liberal arts. In classical antiquity, the "liberal arts" meant an education worthy of a free person. Students at Hope today would agree.

Students tell us they love the freedom to explore at Hope College—from their own minds and futures to the world and the spiritual life. Because both ideas and beliefs shape individuals, we’ve designed highly ranked academic programs that give you a broad, strong core education in the liberal arts, and prepare you to succeed professionally and creatively.

Hope is a leading Christian college, ecumenical in character and rooted in the Reformed tradition. This expansive Christian faith provides the College community a way of seeing the world and each person, and it energizes our community life and intellectual journeys. This community does not dictate your spiritual life or determine your religion.  It includes people from many different faith traditions and who claim no religious faith.

Because we understand that learning cannot succeed apart from relationships, we’ve set ideals that mark the academic experience at Hope: humility to listen, hospitality to welcome, patience to understand, courage to challenge, honesty to speak the truth in love.