Center for Faithful Leadership

Students from all majors converge on the Center—a catalyst for personal leadership, practical team-building and entrepreneurial initiatives.
Exercising leadership through project-based courses, a leadership minor, consulting with community organizations and mentoring youth, you learn to think innovatively and inspire people to work together to solve problems. In the process, you enhance your own marketability.
Co-curricular Programs
ASI Student Consulting. In this student-led business, individuals and teams serve organizations while community advisors mentor each project.
Hope Entrepreneurship Initiative (HEI). A business incubator program aided by mentors, HEI helps students discover themselves, learn about entrepreneurship and develop their own ideas.
LdOut? (pronounced “Lead-Out”). Student-directed, this business provides leadership training for college students, who in turn mentor 11th graders and 7th graders.
“CFL put us in charge of our own project, raising money for Engineers Without Borders. You learn how to put your skills to work, manage ideas and pull a group together to accomplish a common goal.” Cara Green ’13

Curricular Programs
Leadership coursework at Hope gives you the chance to “test the waters of teamwork and learn what works and what does not,” says Margaret Fylstra ’07. In the Peace Corps, she shared her expertise by teaching business-management skills to local entrepreneurs in Senegal, West Africa.
Lindsay Allward ’11, another CFL graduate, is using her leadership skills in a highly selective Dow Chemical training program. She calls her CFL mentors, Virgil Gulker and Steve VanderVeen, “A dynamic duo—they have visions all the time of how to apply what we are learning in real life.”
The Center’s servant leaders-in-residence are award-winning scholars, entrepreneurs and consultants, who model the integration of Christian faith and business for their students.