The CrossRoads Project

What are my deepest convictions? What are my gifts? What are the world’s needs? Questions like these, raised by the CrossRoads Projects, help you discover your calling.

Through CrossRoads, we encourage students to explore the purposes of our lives, our gifts and abilities, and our directions for the future.  It's about our "callings"—something that applies not just to ministers and a few others, but to people in all walks of life. 

Not just jobs but callings
Our programming is designed to help us all to think theologically about careers, callings and life. Woven throughout your education—from the First-Year Seminar to Residence Life programs and Senior Seminar—this kind of thinking ties together career planning, faith concerns and professional preparation.

Through this process, you identify how your future work in a specialized field of study can meet the world’s most pressing needs. Although this process is by no means limited to students interested in ministry, we do offer special CrossRoads Scholarships for young people who will become the new leaders of the diverse, multicultural church of the future.

“Studying religion at Hope has introduced me to a larger conversation in which one can be a world-class scholar and remain a faithful Christian.” Jeffrey Skaff ’10, 2009–2010 Lilly Scholar

Working with great minds
CrossRoads helps make it possible for you to learn from professors whose own faith tradition ranges from Evangelical to Roman Catholic, and who place themselves on a wide spectrum from theological liberal and theological conservative. The result? Open-minded, respectful discussions that deepen your understanding beyond the “sound bite,” and that give you the intellectual tools to analyze complex issues and grow in self-understanding.

With CrossRoads support, Hope faculty have integrated a concern for service into courses in economics, management and accounting, and Hope Professor Michelle Bombe led students through a week’s exploration of how they felt called to use their talent in the theatre. Our goal is to cultivate your aspirations, help you set goals and support your achievement.