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Chemistry At Hope College

The Chemistry Department is known nationally for its excellent program. In a study of chemistry programs at private four-year colleges published in the Journal of Chemical Education, the Hope College Chemistry Department was recognized as outstanding in the productivity of its research program and for the accomplishments of its graduates. The chemistry program is certified by the American Chemical Society's Committee on Professional Training.

The program provides students with a rigorous introduction to the fields of chemistry and biochemistry in a setting that emphasizes knowledge of current developments in chemistry and experience with modern instruments and laboratory techniques. The chemistry faculty maintains a keen interest in students' professional involvement and scholarly development. The department has an active seminar program which brings students into contact with nationally recognized authorities in chemistry and chemistry-related fields.

The chemistry program places a strong emphasis on faculty-student research. Chemistry majors are encouraged to begin work with a professor on a research project early in their academic program. Research stipends are available to enable many students to work full-time on their projects during the summer. Student research is directed toward professional development and may result in joint authorship of scientific publications and in the opportunity to present research results at a regional or national scientific meeting.

The chemistry major includes sequences of both lecture and laboratory courses designed to establish a fundamental understanding of the major areas of the discipline. Students can elect to complete a chemistry major for a B.A. degree or a more extensive major for a B.S. degree. Students planning to do graduate work in the field or to enter industry should fulfill the requirements of the American Chemical Society's (A.C.S.) Certified Major Program which generally requires one course beyond the B.S. degree in chemistry. An A.C.S. certified B.S. Degree Program in Chemistry with Biochemistry Emphasis is available for students who have interests in chemistry and biology. Students who intend to enter medical or dental schools or plan a career in secondary education may design their major program according to their specific goals. Since students planning a chemistry major have a number of options, it is essential that they discuss their plans with the chairperson of the department or a chemistry advisor early in their academic program.

The Department can be reached at:

Chemistry Department
A. Paul Schaap Science Center
35 E. 12th St.
Holland, Michigan 49422-9000 USA
Voice: (616) 395-7630
Fax: (616) 395-7118
E-mail: Please see individual faculty listing for e-mail addresses.