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About Dr. Fu

Wally Fu is a visiting professor in the Chemistry Department. He received his B.S. degree in chemistry from St. John’s University in Minnesota and Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Marquette University. He spent two year as a post-doctoral researcher at Cornell University with Dr. Arthur Schultz and then worked for Union Carbide in West Virginia and North Carolina. During that time he developed the Larvin manufacturing process, an insecticide for cotton, soy bean and tobacco crops. Later he joined Parke-Davis in Holland. After Pfizer acquired Warner-Lambert (parent company of Parke-Davis) he retired from his industrial job and joined Hope in 2006.

He and Mary Claire, his wife of 37 years have four grown children. One is a professor of computer science at UMass Amherst, another a manager at Radcliffe Institute at Harvard, the third is an independent TV professional in Chicago and the youngest is an IT engineer in Lansing. His outside interests include classical music, photography and cooking. In his spare time he sings tenor in his church choir, serves on the Holland Symphony board, takes pictures at concerts and stir-fries in his kitchen.