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Agency Program Title Amount Year
American Chemical Society Office of Graduate Education Additional support for the First Biennial Midwest "Postdoc to PUI Professor" Workshop $10,000 2011
National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program CAREER: Photochromic Photooxidants – developing electron deficient photochromes to gate sensitivity toward photoinduced charge transfer. $549,000 2010-2015
The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc. Startup Award Program Perimidinespirocyclohexadienone Photochromic Photooxidants: Gating Sensitivity toward Photoinduced Charge Transfer with a Photochromic Reaction $30,000 2004-2009
Research Corporation Cottrell College Scholars Award Photochromic Photooxidants: Developing a Series of Electron Poor Photochromes to Gate Photoinduced Charge Transfer $63,090 (including $19,872 college match) 2006-2008


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