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Foundation Grant Name Year
NIH Vasopressin Signaling in Collecting Tubule Cells 1988-1994
American Heart Association Cloning of Vasopressin Activated Calcium Mobilizing Protein from Cardiovascular Tissue 1993-1994
Hope College-Howard Hughes Faculty Development 1994
NIH Vasopressin-Achieved Calcium-Mobilizing Protein 1994-1998
AMA Isolation of a Novel Ligand for VACM-1 Receptor 1996-1997
Hope College-Howard Hughes Medical Institute Faculty Development "Studies on the Physiological role of Vasopressin Activated Calcium-Mobilizing Protein in Rabbits and Rats" 1998
Pfizer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Isolation and Characterization of VACM-1 Protein Related Clone 1999-2000
Dreyfus Henry Dreyfus Teacher Scholar Award 1999-2001
HHMI Through Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy (co-PI Brent Krueger) 2002
Hope College-Howard Hughes Medical Institute Structural Biology At Hope College Through Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy 2002-2003
NIH Characterization of vasopressin-activated calcium mobilizing protein 2002-2006
VACM-1, a cul 5 gene, regulates cellular growth and angiogenesis 2003-2006