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Annual Report Text, 2001-2002

Dr. Stewart spent the 2001-2002 academic year on sabbatical leave at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). While on sabbatical, she worked in the laboratory of Professor Cliff Kubiak. Professor Kubiak generously supported her goal of learning about the emerging field of nanochemistry, while providing her with an office with an ocean view!

While on sabbatical, Dr. Stewart also participated in the outstanding Science Studies program at UCSD. Science Studies is an interdisciplinary program in history, philosophy, sociology, and communication that provides rich insight into the production and nature of scientific knowledge and the culture of the scientific community. Dr. Stewart is particularly interested in drawing connections between contemporary thought in Science Studies and recent curriculum reform efforts in chemistry.

Last year also brought several short trips to meetings and workshops, including giving ChemConnections workshops in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Tucson and participating in a department review at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. The ChemConnections group that Dr. Stewart works with is actively pursuing the next step in their curriculum reform efforts, and they are seeking new participants, as their efforts grow increasingly interdisciplinary.

The year in San Diego turned out to be a real delight for the whole family. Spring break brought a trip to see Berkeley, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Yosemite. Dr. Stewart's children, Robert and Katie, made new friends from all over the world at their elementary school near the university. While it was sad to see the year draw to an end, there was some enthusiasm about leaving the cramped quarters in San Diego and returning to a familiar home in Holland.