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Annual Report Text, 1994-1995

Dr. Stewart's year was filled with many new adventures and surprises. She had two outstanding summer research students, Kate Verhey from Hope and Amy Prieto from Williams College in Massachusetts. They were very productive in the lab and succeeded in making two of the first well-characterized neutral titanium thiolate complexes that have ever been made. Dr. Stewart was sorry to see the summer come to an end.

In the Fall, Dr. Stewart started a one year sabbatical at Harvard University. She has been working with Professor Eric Jacobsen in the field of asymmetric catalysis. In particular, she has been involved with characterizing a new Cu(I) aziridination catalyst. While in Cambridge, she has really enjoyed spending time with some of the Hope chemistry graduates in the area, including Susan Vander Velde, Ericka Lyszak, and Jon O'Brien.

This year has presented many opportunities for travel. Dr. Stewart has given chemistry seminars at Dartmouth College (her first trip to see Dr. Polik's alma mater) and Wellesley College. She was invited to speak at a Gordon Research Conference in Ventura, California and barely missed being washed away in the floods. She was very excited to learn that the two NSF chemistry curriculum proposals she has been involved in were funded. This funding will allow substantial and important changes to be made in how chemistry is taught. In particular, each proposal includes an emphasis on active student participation, which Dr. Stewart strongly supports.

Dr. Stewart has a new traveling companion for all of these trips. Robert Andrew Polik was born on October 17, 1994. Knowing how his parents try to plan everything, he arrived about two weeks early just to make things exciting. Dr. Stewart thinks that with his blond hair he will look particularly charming in a Dutch costume, and she looks forward to his first Tulip Time.