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Annual Report Text, 1995-1996

Dr. Stewart returned from a one year sabbatical at Harvard University to greet a large and enthusiastic group of introductory chemistry students. She taught one section of introductory chemistry in the Fall and two in the Spring. She was very impressed by the large number of talented students in her classes. She also had her first experience using the CAPA personalized homework system and enjoyed joining her students in "battle against the computer" to get the right answers on all the homework problems.

Return from sabbatical also meant rebuilding her research program. Three students, Mike Struck, Seth Crawley and Ryan Spangler, spent much of spring semester setting up the lab again and making lab improvements. Mike and Seth continue to work with her full-time this summer. Mike is finishing up the characterization of titanium thiolates and Seth is starting a new project in asymmetric synthesis using chiral tin(II) reagents.

In January, Dr. Stewart was pleased to be one of the first recipients of the "Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching." The award recognizes her efforts as a teacher at Hope and her work in the area of cooperative learning. She also continues to work with ChemLinks and New Traditions, two of the coalitions funded by NSF in their initiative to create new approaches to teaching college chemistry.

On a personal note, one of her sabbatical projects, son Robert, is now one and a half years old and continues to astound his parents with his rapid growth and language acquisition.