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Annual Report Text, 1998-1999

Dr. Stewart is looking forward to having several new students join her research group this summer. They are David Woody and Monica Chernick from Hope and Matthew Rigoli, an NSF-REU student from Cal Poly. They will work on the development of chiral tin(II) reagents for asymmetric synthesis. Dr. Stewart has one returning student, Valorie Vance. She and Valorie are collaborating on a "superinstructors manual" for the ChemLinks curriculum. This guide will help faculty in the transition to the active learning approach used in the ChemLinks modules.

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Silver taught a brand new Inorganic Laboratory course in the spring semester. The students were guided through three short research projects. They began by synthesizing a known compound, and then proposed and carried out a new reaction using the compound. The students enjoyed learning new synthetic approaches such as working on Schlenk lines and in the dry box.

Dr. Stewart had the opportunity to go on two consulting trips in the spring. One was to Muskingum College (Doc William’s alma mater) to review their chemistry department, and the other to Kutztown University in Pennsylvania to consult on their science building renovation. Dr. Stewart enjoys meeting new people during these visits and learning about all the ways there are to provide outstanding learning environments for students.

Dr. Stewart’s favorite after-school activity is dancing to loud music with her children, Robert (4) and Katie (2). As the children of two chemists, it should come as no surprise that they already know the difference between melting and dissolving and that their favorite song is "the math song," which their father made up to practice addition skills.