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Annual Report Text, 1999-2000

You have probably already read that the biggest change in Dr. Stewart's professional life this year was becoming chair of the department. After one academic year, she is happy to say that the department is still standing. She is grateful to Mike Seymour, the previous chair, for the wonderful job that he did. She especially appreciated his willingness to take on some very big responsibilities that eased Dr. Stewart's transition to her new role. She is concerned, however, that she will need a Ph.D. in Excel to fully appreciate all that he did.

Dr. Stewart is working with four undergraduate research students this summer. Two of them, David Woody and Monica Chernick, are Hope students who are returning for a second summer. The other two are new students from off-campus who bring new and exciting perspectives. One is Marcus Boone, an NSF-REU student from Albany State University in Georgia, and the other is Anna Bierczynska, an international student from Poland. All four students are working on projects related to the development of enantioselective allyl-transfer reagents.

Dr. Stewart has been active in promoting the ChemConnections modules that were developed as part of the NSF-sponsored systemic change initiative. She enjoyed the opportunity to chair a session and lead a short workshop on ChemConnections at the San Francisco ACS Meeting in March 2000. The highlight of her trip was a behind-the-scenes tour of the Exploratorium, the hands-on science museum in San Francisco.

Dr. Stewart’s children, Robert (5) and Katie (3), continue to amaze and entertain their parents. Robert plans to be an astronomer and loves learning everything he can about the stars and planets. It appears that Katie plans to be master of the universe, as she already rules the Polik-Stewart household, and she is only getting started.